From Todd’s faculty page on the CCA website:

Todd Blair has worked in multiple capacities on a wide range of creative projects, designing, fabricating, managing, and implementing technology-based interactive artworks and exhibitions for nearly 20 years. These have included a diverse range of public artworks, museum projects, performances, installations, workshops, and festivals as well as his own work, all with a special focus on the convergence of art, technology, interactive media, emerging genres, and cross-disciplinary art practices.

Recently he was awarded a public art commission for the city of Oakland, for which he is developing a responsive sculpture that visualizes the energy of the estuarine tidal flow.

Todd oversaw the acquisition, design, and fabrication of 40 innovative artworks for phaeno, a science center designed by Zaha Hadid that opened in 2005 in Wolfsburg, Germany. He has served as a creative consultant and fabricator for numerous North American and European artists, including Lynn Hershman, Chico McMurtrie, Survival Research Labs, Gordon Monahan, Jim Whiting, Laura Kikauka, and Just Merritt, to name only a few. He was also the program director and part of the curatorial team for Rearview Mirror to Reality, part of the 1996 Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria.

Adjunct Professor, Media Arts, Sculpture, and Interdisciplinary Studies.BA, University of Kansas.

5 Responses to “About Todd”

  1. Hello to Alex & my would be son Todd. Jimena and I have much love for both. This was such a terrible accident, words cannot express our sorrow.
    Todd and Alex you are the kids I wish I have but they are Jimena’s ( Alex ) is Jimena’s daughter and Todd is the best yourg man I have ever been around. He’s so full of love and kindness. No negativeness and always willing to help people.
    I believe he will make a complete recovery, GOD knows the world needs more Todd’s. He is in our prayers and our heart all the time.
    We are so excited to see all the friends you have. That is totally understanble knowing the two of you. To know you, is to love you.
    May GOD give Todd a quick 100% recovery and give Alex peace knowing this will happen. Love to both…Pete

  2. chelsea Says:

    Todd is a great great professor and friend. My thoughts and prayers go to him and all who surround him. There are too many nooks on this planet he wants to explore, he will make it.

  3. vrbrrr Says:

    i would not be the person I am without todds constant support, and valuble lessongs. the least I can do is be here to suport him and be with you all. thank you for setting up a board in his honor. come home soon todd we want you to be with us.

    let us know if anything is needed,

    much love, a

  4. Todd,
    we are all holding you in our hearts for healing, recovery and peace to all your family! I’m looking forward to working with you and

    ZERO1 2008! I’ll be the lead photographer!

    Everett Taasevigen

  5. Michael Newland Says:

    Best wishes for you in your recovery, I just got a message today from Carlo via Laura in Berlin of the accident. It must be very empowering to see through this situation how many lives you have touched and left an inprint on that reverberate back to you now. Oddly in my case it is no small part you played in my profession as an electrician and my life here now in Portland Oregon. All through a recommendation or rather an extension of your kindness to someone you didn’t know that well to help me with my relocation from Germany to San Francisco that winds back through the years now that leads me to the place I am today. I am forever grateful to you and have not fully expressed that to you in the past. Thankyou. The best part still lays ahead, that would take some time to explain, I have plans, but I am confident the same applies to you as well. Let the love and kindness you have generated now strengthen you as you receive these messages and actions of love and support.

    Peace of mind and strength of love to you and your family,
    Michael Newland
    (Bimbo alumni)

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