This accident is taking a very real toll on Todd and Alex’s financial situation. To help alleviate the financial burden on them while they focus on medical care and healing, Todd and Alex’s friends and family are planning several events of different types in the coming months. Please keep checking as there are a few more not listed here pending finalization of dates and venues. We hope you can attend as many of them as you can:

Oct 10 2009The Wall Closing with Todd!

Just over 1 year ago our wonderful community of artists and friends came together for the unveiling of The Wall in aid of Todd’s recovery. Todd was brought home (in a wheelchair) just a week later…. but he was unable to share the experience with all of you.

Now as the wall is preparing to (hopefully) be sold and/or relocated, we would like to take this “closing” as an opportunity to bring us all back together – this time with Todd there! We hope you can join us as we marvel at what love, commitment, and an amazing community can achieve! (SEE the invite). This will be a time for us to gather and share, at 2:30 we will have conversation about Todd’s recovery in the theater.

Rhythmix Cultural Works


2513 Blanding Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501

We look forward to sharing this day/event with friend and fellow survivor Susan Joyce!

(We should play the Rocky Anthem as Susan and Todd enter!!!) 😉 don’t ya think?!

Maybe we should call it the Todd Unveiling/ Wall closing!!!!!!!

We look forward to seeing you there!
With Love
Todd & Alexandra

ps. this is not a fundraising event.

Oct 10 2007dorkbotSF special Todd fundraiser
100% of all proceeds go directly to the Todd/Alex fund

7:30pm – late

Kyle Minor Design Studio

Pier 33 Embarcadero @ Bay


Cash bar, catering from Food Hackers Marc Powell and crew, live and silent auction, raffle.

Speakers for the evening: Ken Goldberg, Eric Paulos, Mark Pauline, Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom, Joe Grand, and Steven Lassovzski.

Images from Karen Marcelo

Images from Scott Beale

Nov 9 2007 – Dinner for 60

Johansson Project / Ego Park

492 23rd @ Telegraph


2300 Telegraph @ 23rd

Oakland, CA


$150 per person

Dinner is a four-course meal (salad, soup, main, dessert) with vegetarian and meat options from farmers market fresh ingredients prepared by chef John Ingle of FlavorTrust. Menu here

Mark Pauline is speaking, Johannson Project’s featured artist Nathan Lynch will be pouring from his sculptural Trophy Room bar, and diners will be entertained with antique 78s Victrola music spun by Matt Hummel played on an amplified phonograph. The art of Gaby Wolodarski and Jeff Stratford will be on display next door at Ego Park. Wine has been donated through the generosity of Barney Haynes and family. Special thanks go out to our hosts Kimberly Johansson, Sue Costabile and Kevin Slagle.

Please contact Anu (anu AT curativeprojects DOT net) to RSVP!

Images from Nina Alter

Dec 01 2007 Blue and Green Ball
Big Bash Todd Fundraiser
SOMArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan (@ 8th)
San Francisco, CA
8pm – 1am


Images from Gregory Wilde-Smith

Feb 25 2008 – Ken Goldberg’s ATC (Art Technology Colloquium) UCB Center for New Media

Attention Deficit Disorders

Naut Humon, Recombinant Media Labs, SF
V. Vale RE/Search, SF

Monday 7:30pm – 9pm

Berkeley Art Museum Theater

2621 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA


For updated information, please visit:

Mar 05 2008 – 2 Film Screenings – A Small Benefit for Todd BlairLA ❤ SRL Documentary & ELECTRUM w/ Greg Leyh, snacks, beer, wine, soda and YOU!



McBean Theater, Exploratorium


$20 bucks for films, drinks, snacks and helping to support Todd while he recovers.

Apr 03 2008SRL / Pranksfest Benefitting Todd Blair


$10 admission

SRL videos + Pranks videos + QA with SRL crew members

Roxie Theater
3117 16th St (@ Capp)

Jul 20 2008The Gear Wall Todd Blair Project


Rhythmix Cultural Works

2513 Blanding Ave

Alameda, CA

Come take the opportunity to be a part of the creation of a unique piece of kinetic art sculpture benefitting our man Todd. Customize your very own aluminum gear made by SRL’s Mark Pauline to add to a wall designed by Greg Jones and built by Kevin Binkert, making a kinetic art sculpture of gears. There will be 25 gears at $500 each. The goal is to mount the gears on the Todd Blair Gear Wall. All proceeds will go toward Todd’s rehab which Robodock insurance has seemingly denied coverage for.

More information on how to help and details on the unveiling of the wall itself can be found on the official Todd Blair Gear Wall Project site.

Images from Karen Marcelo

Images from Amy Jenkins

Images from Miklem

Images from Nina Alter

Images from Scott Beale

Apr 25 2008How To Destroy The Universe Part 6

6pm – 3am


8410 Amelia St

Oakland, CA 94621

A benefit for Todd! A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Todd so please join Mobilization for a night of transgressive industrial culture!

# 5:00 pm – (TBD)
# 6:00 pm – The Copperthief
# 7:00 pm – Toiling Midgets
# 8:00 pm – Swords of Fatima
# 9:00 pm – Crooked Cowboy
# 10:00 pm – Swann Danger
# 11:00 pm – Sixteens
# 11:40 pm – Art of Bleeding (Outdoor Performance)
# 12:00 am – Bad Unkl Sista (Butoh Dance)
# 1:00 am – Soriah
# 2:00 am – TBA

11 Responses to “Schedule of Events”

  1. Amy introduced me to Todd and we met at MOMA for lunch on a very bright day. We sat and talked about food, and the need for funky forks and his visions. He gave me generous advice about a project I was desperate to make happen in Italy, and he was the one person to say “hey, sounds like a mess – yet it might just work!” – which is it was, and did – then we walked away saying it would be wonderful to work together. I walked away thinking he was one of the true people on the planet. There is a Jewish belief that there are angels amongst us, and that their purpose is to lay low, be quiet and help lead others to themselves. He strikes me this way. I hold him in this light.

  2. Stela Ru Says:

    Hello, I want to send greetings and encouragement. I do not know Todd personally but I went to his fundraiser at Pier 33 that Dorkbot did. I have to say it was so evident that Todd Blair is a fun loving guy and a great friend. The level of love and support I saw by folks donating their art work (some made especially for the event!)organizing the raffle, serving food, selling tickets and most importantly putting up the cash was awe inspiring. You have a wonderful circle of friends and I can attest to all the good vibes coming your way. I send my best wishes and much love for a speedy return to home where you can continue to work on recovering.

  3. Anu Says:

    Dear Friends,

    I’d like to fill in some more details of the dinner for 75 on Friday November 9, which will take place at Johansson Projects and Ego Park in Oakland from 7-9 pm.

    If you would like to RSVP, please email me (ANU) at anu(at)curativeprojects(dot)net. If you have already contacted Kimberly or Sue, please contact me anyway so I can make sure I have you on the RSVP list. Thank you!

    We are asking for a minimum donation of $150 per person, payable by cash or by check. We also welcome larger contributions, which should be checks made payable to Alexandra Ismerio. We will make sure they get to her immediately after the dinner. If you would like to pay by PayPal, let me know and we’ll work something out.

    We are seeking any help to locate tables, plates, silverware and glasses for this dinner. This will be a nice family-style sit-down dinner done on the cheap so we can maximize how much of the proceeds go directly to Todd and Alex.

    Our goal is to raise $8,000 – $10,000 of ready cash to offset the substantial costs that Alex and Todd are facing. At the same time we hope that this will be a community event allowing us all to share our concern and love for Todd with friends and colleagues.

    Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you there!

  4. Anu Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Posting more info about the dinner. Menu will be online as of Monday 11/4. We still have some space, so please get your RSVPs in as how many people are coming determines how much food and other stuff we get!

    You can make your donation two ways: bring a check or cash to the event, or prepay via check or PayPal to Susie Maunu (details on the How to Help page). If you prepay, PLEASE include a note saying you are attending the 11/9 dinner.

    If you’d like more information, please email me at anu(at)curativeprojects(dot)net.


  5. Anu Says:

    Thank you to everyone who has already RSVPd for this Friday’s dinner. We have only a couple of spaces left, so if you’re thinking about RSVPing, do it today! anu(at)curativeprojects(dot)net.

    Menu for Friday, November 9:

    This Friday’s benefit dinner for Todd Blair will be prepared by the Flavortrust’s Chef John Ingle. The Flavortrust is a Bay Area based personal Chef service that offers an innovative culinary alternative to typical catered events with an emphasis on personal
    service — creating a “home-cooked” meal using the finest ingredients that are purchased directly from the farmers, fishmongers, and ranches that grow, harvest and raise their own products. Each meal is planned from the ingredients up and allows the guests to savor the best in seasonal eating. Flavortrust uses organic product from small family farms and have cultivated personal relationships with their

    Because of this unique approach, menus are fluid. Flavortrust wants to be able to use ingredients that were possibly picked that morning or are still dripping from the
    ocean. This requires a certain amount of trust, but allows for a maximum of fresh, local, and nourishing flavor.

    Fridays dinner will begin with early autumn/late (global warming?) summer Bay Area antipasti featuring produce from such local farms as Star Route, Tertzera, Mariquita, and Balakian Farms.

    First course:
    Fall pumpkin soup that features an array of heirloom winter squashes including Sugar pies, Cinderellas, Kombuchas, Hubbards, and Butternut squash with a drizzle of truffled cream fraiche, or some other late
    notice surprise.

    Second course:
    Mixed sweet baby lettuces with early Autumn chicories, fuyu persimmon “chips”, pomegranate seeds, and … (to be determined that morning)

    Third course:
    Likely a choice between some sort of spice-cured and smoked heirloom Berkshire pork or something fresh and dripping from the sea that is grilled: both served over gigante beans with salsa verde, a side of rapini and some other wonderful little treat. Vegetarian option also available.

    Cranberry upside-down cake

    Remember that the Flavortrust will not buy food from any mega-farms or wholesale middlemen… so menus can and will change base upon what is most beautiful, fresh, and available at the time. Trust the flavor!

  6. Maureen R. Says:

    Todd, I’m so glad to hear you’re back home! I hope to see you in person soon. Keep on the fast track recovery!

  7. amsterdam Says:

    great to hear about todd on going recovery,it been a long journey but progess is definetely being made…. on a sadder note sorry to see the comments regarding robodock insurance… to be clear,
    srl crew taking down a sructure very late at night/after a few drinks in cocktail bar!Without the proper supervision or safety equipement,an unfortunate accident of course ! After 10years of no accidents or serious injury.Those of us that were there,know the full sequence of events!unless we want Robodock to take srl to court? its best we all fundraise,rather than play the blame game,and dont damage an event that was NOT responsible for todds accident.

  8. k0re Says:

    Out of respect for Todd and what he and his family are going through please direct your personal and inflamatory opinions to an appropriate forum.

    The issue is insurance as agreed to by contract -not blame.

  9. jim alexander Says:

    I missed 4/25 but I’m am interested in
    helping out. I’m not closely connected
    to Todd but his work and the backbone
    that he has contributed to has helped
    make this world hospitable.

    I hope folks are doing ok, through this
    time of strange misfortune. Todd seems
    to be doing really well, within the care
    of so many. I’m sure he, and everyone,
    will continue this trajectory.

    Keep in touch.
    – jim alexander

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