Todd and Alex continue to need financial support. Any help on that front from the already generous and caring community would be much appreciated. A PayPal account has been setup.

Please PayPal donations to

If anyone wants to contribute to the growing collection of images on the sidebar, if you have a Flickr account, just send your Todd images to the Todd Blair flickr group ( and the widget will pick it up and be included in the display.

Thanks to all for the outpouring of love!

35 Responses to “How to Help”

  1. Hey Alex,
    I am writing because I just heard about Todd.
    I want to send my love to him and you at this very difficult time.
    I really love Todd…he has always been so wonderful to me in my encounters with him and I hope to God there will be many more.
    I always love talking to him and finding out all the interesting things he is doing…..he is such a talented guy!
    I am just so sorry to hear this has happened but I send all my best wishes for a recovery. I send all my love to you both.
    thinking of you, joan

  2. Joe Maio Says:

    Pass on to Alex loads of love/ prayers/vibes/etc.,
    from Erin’s dad.

  3. […] SRL show at Robodock 2007 in Amsterdam. A blog has been setup to track Todd’s recovery and a fund has been set up to cover his medical […]

  4. Molly Says:

    I am good friends with Julie – Todd’s sister – through her I have gotten to know Todd and I wanted Alex to know we are praying for Todd’s full recovery, for strength when times are tough, and for a miracle everyday no matter how small..

    Lot’s of Love, Molly

  5. moira Says:

    Energy, love, and prayers to you and Todd. I know they can work and it seems they are… It is a long road, but your love is strong. I see Todd’s ever so amazing dimples and his happy relaxed smile in my minds eye. I beam all I can towards that image. Tell him we can take a rain check for now on his coming for a visit to Chico, but I will be fully expecting one after all this is past.

  6. Rick R Says:

    To all of those helping Todd.

    You have asked for a story or comment that you might share with Todd. Remind him of this. Twenty Six years ago I started graduate school at the University of Kansas and thru a series of fortunate events I became a renter in the home of Todds Mom Annie. At that time I got to know Todd his Mom both of his sisters, Julie and Jamie. We shared many a laugh over the years because I lived with them for a number of years. Todd has always been a person to admire and enjoy. His energy level is astounding and exciting. The best example of that for me is this little story. I was from Utah, had never been in Kansas and one day a tornado struck the city of Lawerence. Much to his mom’s horror Todd and I were so excited we jumped into my car and went out to see if we could spot the tornado. Sirens wailing, rain pouring, Todd and I laughing and wild with excitement, we drove straight towards the rain clouds, until it started to hail. The hail stones were the size of tennis balls with large spikes and when the first one hit the windshield we stopped laughing for just a minute and descided to head for shelter. Still laughing and excited we returned to the house. I will never forget the laughter, the smile and the energy coming out of that young man. He became a good friend and I have kept track of him over the many years thru his mom. I am sending as much energy his way as I can. I hope the story brings a smile to those in need of it. I look forward to hearing the news of his recovery and thank you all for keeping us informed

    Love Rick

  7. ann reed Says:

    Todd, Dear Todd…’s AuntAnn. Nan and Mary and i have been, by telephone and e-mail, discussing the most effective way to let you know that we’re thinking of you. I may not be the best at praying but my competence at hoping is well established. Then too, I’m very good at hand-holding so let’s pretend that I’m there with you, and we’ll do a little virtual hand holding.
    All of my memories of you, and there are many — stretching back to when you were maybe about four or five years old — are among my favorite memories, ever. you were such a precious little boy and so full of joy that knowing you always brought a lot of happiness into our hearts. Uncle Ralph loved knowing you as well.
    That all started in Rochester, you will remember, then continued in Lawrence. And the very warm affection that we have for you goes on and on. I cherish the thought of your wonderful friends being there with you, lending strength and lavishing love. I wish I were there too. Second best: by proxy, I’m lending strength and lavishing love too and I know you well enough to know how strong you are — and how determined. As everyone agrees, you’re just a terrific, inspiring person.
    I love you very much,

  8. Tatjana and Chris Says:

    Alex and Todd-
    We are sending many many positive and healing thoughts your way! Many warm hugs too. Wow Todd, you are a strong person! It is good to hear about your progress. Alex I know that you are such a strong, beautiful, loving precious person and you are giving Todd so much love! Just reading your comments I can feel the emotion! Please take care and know that Chris and I are thinking about you both! We love you!
    Tatjana and Chris

  9. Irma Brunak Says:

    There so much Love going around, as talk or do things for Alex and Todd, that I feel energize and I feel that the WORLDis a better place because of these lovely people that are in our lives.
    They send a message, You are Loved, All is well.
    I am a religios person , so I put Todd,s name on the Prayer Roll in the Templo
    I know that Love conquers All, so I am not worry, I just counting the days when y can have one of his beautiful smile with a big Hug.
    Love to all of you that care for Him, and specially for Him and my much Love nice.
    Aunt Irma

  10. Matthew Laughlin Says:

    Alex: I too am amazed but not surprised at your ability to manage and be so strong during all this. At a time when Todd needs the best support, he has you. Giving you my love and wishes from San Francisco…

  11. chelsea Says:

    I’m a broke student, but I can offer my time. When you guys get back, let me know how I can help. I have done personal care work for many years.

  12. Irma Brunak Says:

    Dear Sandra.
    My heart goes out to you, keep up the Faith,that and the Love and Prayers will keep you going, remember your are a Cabello and come from a long line of nerturing,loving,gerenous and strong women, that was pass to You from your Mother,I,ll go to the Templo tomorrow to Pray for Todd, recovery.
    Love You and Todd always

  13. Holly Gibson Pearl Says:

    I’ve had Todd in my thoughts since this happened (I helped out at the Robodock show as a photog-spotter) and am so glad to have this blog to catch up with. Also, I wanted to suggest throwing a fundraising/benefit party for Todd to help with finances. I can only imagine the kind of talent we all could pull together given the amazing communities we’re in. I would be more than happy to perform (I’m a fusion bellydancer) as would many I’m sure. Please let me know if this is of interest…I’ll check back in soon. I’m good friends with Jon Sarriguarte and Kyrsten and will see what they think about this too.

    Good wishes from Oakland,


  14. Irma Brunak Says:

    Dear Sandra.
    I was at the Templo fron 10-12 in de morning California time. When the time came for praying they put this log on the Table with Todd Blair name on it. So as I pray for God to take care of Our Todd, so were more than a 100 people. I am sure that this a temporary state where He, with God help, will be healing at is on time.
    My prayers are with you and I’ll be ready when come back to give you a hand .
    Give a kiss to Todd for me,
    Big hug for you

  15. Hi we are two former students of todd’s and are so sorry to hear about his terrible accident. We are sending warm thoughts from oakland and hope his recovery goes smoothly. everyone hang in there todd is a definite fighter and will pull through this.
    chanda and adrianne

  16. Suicide Bots Says:

    […] Dorks are coming out in force next week for a benefit for Todd Blair, who was injured in a bad accident a couple of weeks […]

  17. […] setup at to track Todd’s progress. Here’s more info on how to donate to Todd’s recovery fund if you want to help out, but can’t make the fundraiser. photo by Scott Beale Related […]

  18. […] setup at to track Todd’s progress. Here’s more info on how to donate to Todd’s recovery fund if you want to help out, but can’t make the fundraiser. photo by Scott Beale Related […]

  19. Valerie Imus Says:

    I’m not sure where to send this info, maybe someone could pass it along to the crew in Amsterdam. Arjen, a friend of my friend Stijn Shiffeleers, has kindly offered a room to stay if anyone needs it in Amsterdam. I know it’s not an apartment, but maybe he would be a good contact there. Here is his info:

  20. Lynn Marie Kirby Says:

    Dear Alex,

    I have had the privilege of teaching in the Media Arts program with Todd these past years. Todd is a lovely, generous, smart and kind person and the best of colleagues. He is always open and generous, not only with his time, but with his ideas and enthusiasm. Todd’s calm presence adds a strength to everyone around him. We all enjoy his infectious and slightly impish smile. I pray for a speedy recovery from the tragic accident.

    my best wishes and prayers are with you both,


  21. chelsea Says:

    Anyone from the east bay care to give a lift to the fundraiser for a girl with a gimp foot? Please email

  22. […] on Todd, check out his blog and if you couldn’t make it last night, but wanted to donate, here’s more info. photo by Scott Beale Related PostsSpecial Dorkbot-SF Fundraiser for Todd BlairTodd Blair Injured […]

  23. Liz Keim Says:

    Dear Todd, Alex, and Penny –
    Also sending lots of healing thoughts and good vibes from your friends at the Exploratorium. Sending a heart full of appreciation for your willingness to share all that you are going through, allowing those of us at home to stay connected (at least with emotional and economic support). North is bringing Todd’s class over to the museum tomorrow, so we can help continue and support your love of teaching. Please let us know all the ways to help, now and in the future – we are here for you. love, Liz

  24. Lynette Says:

    hey hun, sorry I can’t help more. i did get some artist friends to help out, so you may have some help from those you have no clue who they are. positive thoughts for the two of you daily

  25. Sam McWilliams Says:

    Oh Alex! Oh Todd! I have been praying for you guys and all the family every day. I know that both of you have the strength and amazing spirit and love to really be with each other at this time. I am so glad you have so much support. I am here; I love you both; you are constantly in my thoughts. And I will get some money together to contribute asap!!!!! Really, Alex, I am thinking of your amazing joy and spirit. And Todd’s too.
    And I am sending all my love,
    P.S. Colby just called – I just forwarded all the info to her.

  26. jeroen Says:

    Tragic, this has happened.
    Jeroen here, head of production Robodock festival.
    Keeping an eye at the blog i hope todd is crawling back up to how i first met him 5 weeks ago. Such an inspireing person !
    I am in San Francisco now, and will be leaving for Amsterdam on the 31st of okt.
    If there is anything i can bring over to Alex
    or Todd, i still have some space left.
    Let me know.
    I can be reached through mail
    or through my temporary cell phone 424 456 0968

    specially all the best to Alex and the family.

  27. Debbie Lee Says:


    Dear Todd….

    Just want you to know that I’m reading your ongoing website, and I’m sending you my best wishes and healing thoughtwaves.
    I know you’re a surviver, hey you’re the guy with your partial finger hung around your neck on a string!!
    I’m still here in Madison, and, for my mental survival, doing my best not to become a “typical midwesterner.”
    I’m forming a plan in my head to hang out with you for a while and catch up next time I make it to S.F.

    O.K., so, all my best to you, Salud to you, and all that good stuff.



  28. V. Vale / RE/Search pubs Says:

    we want to send you a DVD from the event. Is it still the right address ?
    Academisch Medisch Centrum
    J. Todd Blair c/o
    t.a.v E.M. Pannenborg, social worker
    H6 zuid Neurochirurgie kamer 153
    Postbus 22660
    1100 DD Amsterdam
    thank you, we hope to send it today
    V.Vale / RE/Search pubs

  29. Max Leiber Says:

    I just learned about Todd’s accident. I don’t know Todd but my heart goes out to him. I live in Portland, Oregon and I work at an International Buddhist organization. We/They have a center in the Santa Cruz mountains named Land of Medicine Buddha. Everyday they do a Medicine Buddha Puja and recite the names of people that are in need. I have requested that Todd’s name be added to the list. Follows is my note to them and their response:

    Dear LMB,
    A friend has suffered a traumatic brain injury and I would like to request
    his name be added to the appropriate list during the Medicine Buddha Puja at
    LMB. Thank you. Sincerely, Max
    Portland, Oregon

    Dear Max,
    We have placed Todd’s name on our prayer list. His name will remain on the
    list for 30 days, starting tomorrow morning. May you all have peace and
    All the best to you,
    Land Of Medicine Buddha
    5800 Prescott Rd.
    Soquel, CA 95073
    (831) 462 – 8383

  30. Suicide Bots Says:

    […] if you can’t make it, do try to send Alex and Todd a little bit of cash, they are struggling and even with all the lovin’, it ain’t easy. As my Uncle Christine […]

  31. […] if you can’t make it, do try to send Alex and Todd a little bit of cash, they are struggling and even with all the lovin’, it ain’t easy. As my Uncle Christine […]

  32. […] Here are are few photos from Sunday’s 1 Wall / 25 Gears Benefit For Todd Blair which took place at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda. If you couldn’t make the event, but would like to help out Todd and Alex, here’s more info. […]

  33. Vanessa Says:

    Dear Todd, My name is Vanessa. I live in Palo Alto and my brother Oscar had a very terrible accident in Amsterdam. This accident happened almost a year ago. He has traumatic brain injurie and is just released from the AMC in Amsterdam.It was a terrible year, with complications, blocked shunts, infections. He was there for almost a year on the same floor you were, with the same staff you experienced. I have flown back to The Netherlands 3 times this year and heard much about you from the nurses and doctors. How are you? We live so close. Is there a way I can contact you or your wife? I’m so happy you’re doing fine. My email address is
    Warm regards Vanessa

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