Quiet day with conflicting reports from the docs (which is totally normal by the way)…. so I will let you know when the reports are all the same. They are considering two different directions. The ICU doc and the neurology are in two different camps……..though while I am away from the hospital the tribes meet and things come together. So on Friday Todd could be going into surgery or he could be on the second day of a 5 more days induced coma……. I see them making moves toward the first. ONLY TIME WILL TELL. There are still a few more tests results that need to come in before they finalize their decision. Ruling out infections and all that jazz.

It will be nice to have Eric here, someone to keep me company in the silence. A new person that has no problem rattling on and on, it will be a couple days before he tires I am sure! We will have a lot to talk about…… Todd’s mother arrives on Monday as does Selby. Todd is going to have a room full of love and kick ass woman & one lovely guy. Three girls and a guy! Guess which one is going to be talking about diapers, poop, or the lack there of! Wink.

The apartment thing is moving forward nicely, should be resolved by fri or sat.

Take care.

p.s Update: Eric has landed at Heathrow and should be here in the Netherlands soon. He is anxious to see Todd will still don’t know what the day will bring. I await a phone call from the doctors.