Right around the corner is the 2 year anniversary of Todd’s original injury. We are hanging in there and more in love than ever, “It’s true, I have a great deal of affection for you!”, Todd says. We continue on with outpatient therapy and have begun hippotherapy once a week. Hippotherapy is so great for some one like Todd and many other individuals with disabilities. It is on horseback and we do it in Marin County! It really helps the progress in his other therapies….. and is amazing for the soul! For those of you who didn’t know, Todd has a background in riding as a young man. He rode Hunter Jumper on a horse named Rexie back in his Kansas Days! That explains a little doesn’t it! 😉 “The horse ranch is amazing!” and the team at Halleck Creek in Nicasio are tops.  We continue to work hard but are also looking ahead and exploring what our future may have in store for us.

I want to call you attention to an independent documentary called



This film documents from the beginning the brain injury of artist/musician in New York and his survival. It is one of the best accounts that we have encountered and amazingly similar to what Todd has endured. It also highlights the support of the community to which he belonged much like we have seen and experienced first hand.

For a brief period of time it can be viewed on line in its entirety through PBS. Here is the link. Please don’t hesistate, it is sooo worth it.


For Todd who has no memory of this period of his life, it has helped him gain a unique perspective on what he has survived. It might for you as well.

It seems to be one of the most common questions asked of Todd when we meet with a long lost friends. “What do you remember from Amsterdam and your accident?”

And the answer is …….