Hi everyone, it’s been a little over a year now and Todd continues to make amazing progress in leaps and bounds, his inspirational recovery was largely due to the support of his friends, family, his amazing strength and will, and awesome wife Alexandra. Still, recovery is resource intensive and as much help as possible is always greatly appreciated. Now that Todd is back home here is how to help or get in touch (all info permanently archived in the How To Help page)

New address:
T.Blair & A.Ismerio
P.0. Box 24612
Oakland, CA 94623

If you would like to send a check please send to the above address but write the check out to:
Jeffery Todd Blair Special Needs Trust

A new Paypal account is also being set up but for now pls. continue to use Susie Maunu’s. Alex will update with new Paypal info soon!

Stay tuned for new blog entry on how far Todd has come in the last few months including a special surprise appearance at the SRL 30 Year Anniversary and Mark Pauline Birthday Party!