So we have left Herrick. It is a mixture of many feelings but we miss those guys. Those walls and those people had become our home, safety net, and family. These became the people we depended on and those who we could trust to keep Todd safe and improving, they were our advocates and army. Today began the new therapy team and they are off to a great start… is new. We again are amidst a full and demanding schedule of therapies but we now have the advantage of our home turf. New in the world of TBI change can be distressing for Todd. So we are trying hard to get him some rest and me too. It is the fourth day and it is expected to take at least a week to find our footing. Our home and therapy studio are coming together and Todd is happy to be home…..but as with anything in life not knowing what is next can be challenging for the best of us. It feels like we were standing on the edge of a high beautiful rock formation just above a cool pool of water and are now in the air between the jumping point and the cool water below. Thing is even when you hit the water you can’t really see what is below.


Before we left the hospital we took Todd on a field trip to himself experience the beauty of the gear wall…. that and the video have allowed Todd to first hand feel and see what can come from all the love and caring that surrounds him. It was an amazing sight to behold. It was quite a treat for us.

Special Note: We are still filling positions for a regular caregiver team so if you know anyone special in this arena, that can bring a smile to our Todd’s face please send them my way. Short shifts mostly am/pm ………mid day is covered by therapy. I thought I would let you know in the event that something good could come our way on this front.

If you have any leads call me or email me at Thank you.