Is there a word that means thank you mixed with awesome? Thank you falls short. Gratitude does not seem to carry the same weight mixed with the fantasticness of you people who have stood by us and came out this Sunday. You are an amazing bunch of people. I loved the meeting those individuals who stand behind the people who stand behind us. The smiles and power of love manifest itself into this amazing wall of gears and an event so unique…… I really reminded me of how alone we are not. What a beautiful web of friends and family we have woven.

Some of you heard me speak of Todd and some missed it. My next post will talk of the amazing place we are post surgery.  Many faces I saw in photos but never crossed their path……how did that happen?! To you all I thank you for being now part of our success story, our miracle, and our healing. IT is a long road to recovery but because of you all we are now able to do this at home.

…….and in a show of amazing solidarity there I stood among friends, family, and therapists from both our hospitals (our own personal army). There are days I want to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head and there are days when I walk around smiling at how amazing and resiliant Todd is. Together our personal army has helped us in ways that are less than transparant, less obvious to the untrained eye.

So I thank you all for your many individual gifts. We will never forget and we will never take for granted.

With love from the unstoppable team.
Alexandra (and Todd)

p.s. don’t think I didn’t notice that I set you up for the “booger on the wall story” and then failed to deliver. I was nervous. I owe you one though!