Well change naturally takes its toll on anyone, some resist it more than others. Change challenges us to rise to thee occasion, be patient, and recognize that each day forward has its gifts and hurdles. We have been in a constant state of change, none so dramatic as the last few weeks. With change comes new hope, power, lots of work, rest, new environments, new ways of doing things, stimulus, isolation of stimulus, new faces….. If you look back over the last few weeks you will realize that Todd and I have been in three locations. That is a lot, considering how familiar Amsterdam had become and our ratio of time and place. Did you catch that? 3.

Things are now moving quickly in our world and slowly at the same time. We have now landed in acute rehab, after one more ambulance ride. New faces are slowly day by day becoming familiar, our team of therapists are committed and wonderful. The emphasis is now on routine, rest and work. Todd is making progress each and every day which brings all who are with him the biggest smile. Each day we see more strength and power return. I would love to tell you more but I have to shower and run. Todd and I are on a rather aggressive six day a week schedule with the 7th including therapy as well. Try to keep up with us……we are rolling now. Now you may have an idea why you haven’t heard from us lately.

……and to those of you in Amsterdam. We miss you and think about you.