Coming home after such an extended period away is difficult to describe. Everyone is still waiting, except now poised ready to go. We need your help and company but at the moment it is difficult to provide any other words or needs other than…. time. Soon it will be food for sure and other things that we just can’t anticipate, the sound of the familiar voice.

Things are so different now and yet we are still in the familiar territory. You cannot plan for tomorrow no matter how hard you try. The nurses have their layer, the therapist have to change things around, the docs also have their requirements…… just as before, every day is an exercise in the ability to adapt and be flexible. There is one amazing difference. The aggressive therapeutic schedule Todd is on…… I guess we are both on it. I hope soon we can integrate a small number of people, home feels a bit on the empty side without seeing all the faces and smiles of the people we love in it! The therapists are amazed with Todd and after every session they cannot wipe the smile off their face. I am not exaggerating when I say each and every day they are stoked and impressed with Todd, he also seems pleased and to enjoy each new movement and challenge. Nancy our physical therapist said something about every time she works with Todd he always does something that she thinks he cannot do at this point. After around their second session together Todd just lay smiling in bed for over an hour, it was so satisfying for us both! So in the usual form we are exceeding each and everyone’s expectations! I am sure we will have days when this is not the case and we have to work hard, but at the moment he is soaking it up like water after a long hike in the desert.

As information is taking shape, it seems the next two months are an intense and demanding time for Todd and me both, and all that engage in his healing. As we emerge from this period will we really be ready for our world to begin to take its shape. Find our new dreams, revisit our old…….and really be able to maximize what we can all contribute to our dear Todd. We need all your support and wonderful ideas (best of all smiles) and you will most likely see our needs and availability increase over time……..I can’t remember who said this to me (probably a few folks I am sure!) we are not running a sprint but a marathon. We must pace ourselves ……………….

and last but not least. Thank you. Thank you for everything you have all done and will continue to do in order to ensure both our survival and happiness. You all give us the strength that we really need now.