A picture is worth a thousand words. I have posted the photo I shot of the ambulance taking us to the plane that flew us home. A plane without a toilet mind you and probably about 4.5 ft. floor to ceiling clearance. Loud, but private. We have landed here in the states safely but not without its demands. The transition has taken quite a toll on Todd (he is exhausted, frankly I am as well) and then there are some major changes that begin to approach this week. The therapists and the doctors have restricted visitation for the time being (I estimate 2 weeks). Stimulus and over stimulus are major considerations in the development and rehabilitation of brain injury cases. Todd and I have already both been placed on a rigorous rehabilitation schedule to allow for a strong and important transition from hospital to rehabilitation. So take comfort in the fact that we are both closer to you and HOME, we have missed you, and we look forward to being reunited with you all. It without a doubt takes time for us both to recover from and adjust to this major and most intense transition.

Todd returns!

His father was standing there as the ambulance pulled up to the hospital we had been in transfer mode for 2 days, it was a little emotional as I tried to hold back the tears when my feet stepped on Oakland terra firma (that is what sunglasses are for). We were up in northeastern Canada for our first fueling/toilet stop and it reminded me of the time Todd’s return flight from Germany had an engine fail and so they landed in Yellow Knife for a new plane to fly in and take them all home. Burr very cold and white. The second stop was in Rochester, Minnesota……there we were blessed with warm food. I was terrified of drinking water!

I know you must all be chomping at the bit to set your eyes on us both and see for yourself that we are indeed really home safe and sound. These next couple weeks are most critical in Todd’s medical and rehabilitation development. His medical team needs all his energy focused on his healing, medical assessments, and best of all rehabilitation. Once these things happen we are then relocated. Once we are relocated, very shortly, we should be allowed to receive a limited amount of visitors. I will keep you updated. This does not by any means underestimate the value, need, desire, and power of filling the room with love from our friends. We have a dedicated and truly wonderful medical team, which brings our family a great deal of comfort……and then we have all of you with your love and dedication to assure that we indeed make it through this demanding year of recovery. We love you all and we are so very very happy to be home after all this time, but with home comes a lot of new and unanswered questions. I ask for your patience over these next few weeks, to ensure Todd is safe and strong, and when the team lifts the restrictions it will still be limited numbers per visit.

So in case it is not clear. Todd and I have been placed on lock down……that is to say we go from therapy to periods of zero stimulus to therapy again. Todd and I want to see our friends but this period of restricted visitors is what is best for Todd. We have a long road ahead of us, this period is an important one. We thank you all for your love and understanding.