Ahh…..things are improving slowly and the room is lighter as Todd’s medication have been subtly lowered and altered while we wait for most of that treatment to occur in the states, they have made some small and welcome moves here. We are celebrating every big mouthful of food that Todd takes, every wink and smile, and every waking hour….for these things have all been quite elusive as of late….. slowly but surely everything here is falling into place.
and here is Johnny’s two cents.

So Todd had a very good day yesterday and today, with a good deal more drawing movement and the desire to consume lots of food. His eyes are much brighter, and get extra bright when Annie, Alex, or any of the nurses walk into the room. We assumed that he was pushing against the medicines, but found out today that they had actually reduced one a little bit. Ah, what a difference a milligram makes!! It is so good to see Todd emerging from behind what I term The Giant Wall of Helping Friendly Sock Monkeys. We were drawing yesterday and he was following my directional instructions, shaky, but responding for sure!! Left, right, up, down. He was looking so intently at the dry-erase board, I could feel the victory well up in him. Annie was there at his side, and I sensed her energy aiding him. It is a beautiful matrix… The food thing was a pretty big deal, because the extensive eating yesterday (a record meal according to Alex) means more strength – – the simple cycle of input and output we all take for granted. Through this all Todd remains quietly heroic, intent on recovery, and tolerant of our persistent questions, stretching exercises, and other assorted interruptions. Annie sits with him calmly, and more than once I wandered off while they enjoyed some mother and son time together. The other spiritual bookend is Alex, and I am finding more and more fascinating details of the landscape surrounding the hospital, as I gaze out the window, trying hard to be invisible while holding Todd’s hand on her back. Pretty soon that won’t be necessary, which is good, because there is only so much time you can stare at roofs and smokestacks… In all, the goal remains for Todd to remain calm and stable until arrangements for the return can be finalized. The bonus in the last couple of days is the slow motion escape from the Planet of Sock Monkeys. The whole cocktail seems to be a pretty even mixture of love and modern medicine, and I applaud the alchemists on both sides.

Love and hugs and little miracles