Hey all,
It’s late at night in Amsterdam. Alex has just gone to bed and I am munching on some venison stew. When we were asking what was in it in the shop, beef or lamb, the lady behind the counter said “Bambi.” These folks have a very quirky sense of humor not unlike the Bay Area. Today was a day full of mild activities for Todd. We had some really good smiles and he heartily swallowed several sips of chicken broth. Still a lot of snoozing, but much more responses today as we fall into a pattern of arm stretches and exercises and drawing on his dry-erase board. As I said before, the anti-seizure medications (3, count ’em, three!!) are being laid on a bit thick in order to stabilize him for the ride home, where they can be truly fine tuned. So in the interim, the result is that outgoing signals are limited, and movement is pretty subtle. So we move his hands, arms, and legs through their paces, keeping the memory warm, and Todd helps in our efforts. We reassure him that these limitations are temporary. and it calms him, the movements soothing the worry from his face. The big news is that Todd’s mother is landing in the City of Bambi-eaters tomorrow, and will be at the hospital with us by the afternoon. I am sure that Annie will bring a new boost to Todd, give him some more reasons for smiles.

Alright, this little puppy needs to get some sleep.
Love and hugs and what time is it really?