Generally speaking things have been relatively quiet here in Amsterdam, with the exception of Barney being sick….. I guess that makes things quieter actually. You should he ask him what movies he’s been watching. He is indeed feeling much more in touch with mainstream Americana (especially with what children these days are watching, wink.)! Hint: One movie he watched, Vordo worked on. He is better now, but that was very frustrating for him. Today he is finally able to return for a visit, it has been 3 days (almost 4) since he has seen Todd, but we did not want to take any chances. (Many people who have flown here, end up sick, it sucks.)

One of Barney’s highpoints while he was down, was a phone call from Todd and I checking up on him. Todd said “Hi Barney” something else and a clear “bye”. Barney was stoked to hear Todd speak, this was his first time! So that was really great for him.

As for Todd he is improving slowly, we had a quiet weekend as he adjusts to the increased dosage of the meds. He works, takes his time, and rests often. The meds seem to make him very very sleepy. So he has short windows of awakeness, with frequent naps. We accomplished our first short story from beginning to end and he is totally up to date with Apple developments. Each day is different.

Wed, yesterday, was a hallmark day for us at the ward. Simone, Todd’s speech pathologist arrived after an almost 2 week wait! Turns our she was waiting for the nurses to call her, oops. Well, since Todd and I have been practicing swallowing, he passed her tests with flying colors. We (he to eat, I to do the feeding) are now approved for squishy soft food. My days now start getting busy as I spend the morning hunting for some dietary inspiration for Todd. Today I will get some
soup and whatever else I encounter on the way. He also had a good response, Simone almost dropped a jar….Todd reached to catch it. That made us both look at eachother and smile with a wink! Yeah for good responses. This is a milestone! Can’t wait to see Todd today.

Wed Todd ate applesauce, made a face at the pudding she tried to feed him, and got some coffee. You should have seen his face when Simone tried to throw the coffee away, I laughed “Guess he is not finished with that!” Todd blinked yes in agreement! We are getting better and better everyday at expanding our communication and with the feeding comes increased strength in throat and mouth and tongue. So the words will come. After Simone left, Todd went again for some more coffee. Then I told him to take a nap to rest from all his hard work while I went and got a cappuccino and croquette for his next snack! Well he was wide awake when I returned and eager for MORE. So he ate the whole inside of the croquette while I ate the meat chunks out and the crispy outside ( Mary would have been totally grossed out I am sure, while Zander would have had one or perhaps even two himself). What a team! We have always enjoyed sharing. He then ate some of his mashed potatoes and gravy that came in his dinner…..he made a face. MC (Tutti’s brother, the Suriname friends from across the room) told me it is better if I added salt to it. I made a mistake here, I should have tasted it first! Shouldn’t feed the guy something I am not willing to eat!? Should I?

While Todd napped I came up with ideas of (soft and squishy) treats for him… so the list is well underway and the shopping will begin…..and Mary and I finally found the tupperware in the house. That will come in handy for taking things to and fro.

Since then Barney and I began our first Amsterdam foray for Todd food. It is in an interesting debate….too chunky, spicy, flavorful, rich, is it soft enough. So many things would make the cut for next week, but this week? Not unlike the shoes, you want to do Todd just right! Oh the pressure…..and we all know I am not going to be slaving away in the kitchen, but I will walk miles to find it! Ah well perhaps I will make the custard after all.

I tell you this makes me miss you all even more, with all the fabulous cooks we know Todd would be in mushy food heaven! Well no worries in good time…….. you will all be given the opportunity to fatten him up and please him with culinary delicacies. Of course not all at once. Some days we are content to be here with the best doctors and coolest nurses ever!………and other days we miss you all terribly, our cozy home, our espressos with soy milk (which we now have here), our favorite fish tacos from 51st (we go there almost weekly), and most of all the laughter and smiles you bring into our lives. We really really miss that!!!

Carol was telling me a story of Penny sharing some chocolate with bacon in it. Chocolate with bacon! Well we have always said everything tastes better with bacon, I guess that goes for chocolate too!

Food glorious food.

Hint. If you mail your cards this week, Todd will get them next week in time. Time for what? NO not leaving…… Send send cards. Hint: T=Aquarian….