I spoke with my aunt and my cousin Michelle tonight! (Her brother Gene wrote too! So I get them all in one day what a treat!!!! ) My mom writes me regularly she and her husband adore Todd! (but then again don’t we all) What a treat to feel the closeness of all the family. I include the SRL, the Kooks, the Blairs (Sisks, Ventos), the Cabellos, those in Chile, our dearest friends in Europe & Canada, and all our sweet delicious caring brilliant + amazing friends at home…. It is so BIG!!! I was just ever so reminded of all the power we carry collectively, and this my dear people is why and what Todd is working so hard for. You sustain us here, we soooooo feel all your love, gestures, prayers, read your letters and cards……… and I can tell you it really really really makes a difference. So even if you don’t hear back, you are heard. It is a loud and glorious chorus. In our sweet time we will be home, we daydream of all that comes of that. Until then………fill us with you prayers, letters, dreams, hopes, stories or whatever you have to share. (mizalex@yahoo.com is for those who feel less comfortable on the blog)

One should never underestimate the power of the family…. And our family is Big!
We are far from helpless!

Today Todd and I had a really us day! HE was really there, smiling at art ideas, laughing at my shortcomings (I suggested I might try painting collaboratively with him, but not sure I have any great talent in this department…….he dumped my last painting in the free pile) We really are both more sculptural, but hey any great success may first be met with a few failures! So you might be able to tell I am feeling a bit lighter, not trusting quite yet we are out of the woods, but Todd is doing better. Todd is showing his true and ever so bright colors. His natural triggers…….art, food, people, and now……..architecture! ….with a little passion and love thrown in. The smiles are still coming in.

Looks like we won’t be home this month per say….but some things are clearly out of our hands. We miss you but trust me you can’t keep us away from home and those we love for too long. (Todd’s visitors are Barney followed by John Rogers)That said……

Time has its gifts.

Thank you for all yours.

p.s. I will open up the mail again for about a week or so ( it can really take up to 2 to get here….weeks that is.) So if you want to send a card do….. emails are fine as well.

p.s.s. anyone got some new todd pictures for our entertainment…really dig back!