Well we are currently in the middle of the holidays. Yes we learned the hard way about 2nd Christmas. Apparently the day after Christmas, Amsterdam is shut much in the way of Christmas day except a little more open. Mary and I were tromping off into Amsterdam business park off the Bilmer Arena Station to pick up a special needs package. This package due to its needs could not arrive just at the AMC instead we must wander off (in the wrong direction) on streets void of sidewalks to help this little package find its way into our hands…… I think in the process we found some projects!? We decided at this time to accompany one another on our next adventure back to the post office… today. Today is Mary’s birthday. Toetsie, is trying to dig up the perfect Amsterdam moment for a dinner of 5 people, this includes Roland and Rian… Mary’s friends who I haven’t met yet. ……….BUT I will!

Mary has been trying to talk Amsterdam into doggie bags…… she never wants to leave a morsel behind. We are a little unclear on the etiquette here, but that does not stop Miss Mary, the cockroach. Mary was introduced to Davy as a cockroach, she got no jet lag, can go without sleep for days, will eat anything, has not gotten sick, and can drink (and eat) anyone of us under the table. Ahhhh our dear little cockroach!!! I believe for her birthday, today, I will try to find some collapsible Tupperware for her purse!

Christmas was a busy day at the AMC with our creative spirits in overdrive. We had a taster menu for Todd, all tongue worthy treats. When I arrived at the AMC, I got the best present a girl in my position could ask for. A sentence not clearly discernable, but a sentence all the same! The exciting part was video skype with a few friends and family. We, Todd included, were all quite pooped afterword with two of our dearest nurses, Stacy and Kati, sticking their faces in the camera to meet peeps. They have been such a comfort to us over all this time and so wonderfully committed to Todd’s recovery. Stacy has been with Todd since we came down from ICU, she is the perfect combination of fun and informative. Kati, is like a firm yet very sweet aunt……she can get Todd to do a lot. She hugs me at those very touchy moments, which in turn have in the past opened the floodgates!

While Mary speaks at length about the beautiful dinner she was prepared to make, we did not eat it. Instead we wandered in to an Indonesian restaurant partly because we were being stalked by some fucked up screaming dude yelling fuck over and over again somewhere right behind us. We were just too wiped out to wait for dinner it was late (almost tenish) and we did not want to turn around, so we ducked into this place nearby that was open. This is the first time the doggie bag thing came up, while she was unable to manage to bring home morsels, she was walking proudly down the street with a plastic bag of their homemade sambal! It was reminiscent of Zander walking down the street one of our first nights outside the hospital with a bag of toilet paper we were given by the restaurant…. We are so creative around here and nothing is ever too smooth, but it keeps us laughing.

As for the return home…. I may seem a bit illusive on this note but trust me this is not the case. The exact information is at this time is yet to be had. Mary pointed out it is bit like waiting for an organ transplant….. the call comes in (very little notice) and then you go. The arrangements are in the works, with the holidays clearly gumming up the gears. We do not at this time know where we are going and when. So you most likely will not know when we are going home but just that we are. We are getting busy with trying to see people, say our thank yous, pack, etc. So you will hear less and less until one day you hear we are settling in at home. It should be a matter of a couple weeks all total I imagine. We look forward to being surrounded by our friends and family, whenever that day comes. Until then Todd gets stronger and stronger every day, which will allow him to weather this flight. I imagine the actual act of returning home will take quite a toll on us both.

Mary is walking around the kitchen cracking up saying cockroach in 4 different languages, I think one is made up. Meanwhile she reheats the lamb stew she brought home last night wrapped up like a foil football. We did eat the Christmas dinner for lunch yesterday, much to our delight. So the frig is empty and we will venture out soon to rectify this situation. She is doing some lovely cooking.

PRACTICAL: I know of two packages on route… I hope to receive today or tomorrow. Let me know off the blog if there is something I need to keep an eye out for.