So the rumors are true we are now preparing for our return home, the timing is a bit unclear…..but all gears are working away. Each day will bring us more information.

The weekend was quiet, our favorite nurses no where in sight. (It much more fun and productive when they are underfoot.) On Sunday a family friend stopped in… Bunny. It was a lovely visit, a real blast from the past for Todd. Otherwise the weekend was relatively quiet, with Todd being a bit tired out from his chair. This week will be full of meetings, waiting, and logistical developments. Kisses and dimples shining through…..but it is very real to us here in Amsterdam, how intense those seizures were and it is going to take some time for Todd to regain his stepping and pick up where he left off. I am spending much more time at the hospital and considerably less time with my computer, so you will hear a little less from me over the next few weeks while the puzzle gets put together….

Lovely Moment:
1. Davey walked in to find Todd watching me sleep, with the most adoring look in his eyes. I missed it, guess I was sleeping.
2. The two of us sitting next to eachother in chairs, my head on his shoulder just hanging out, looking out a window. It was a real natural moment for us.

On the pragmatic front it is time to wrap up those letters and packages. It can take over two weeks and I need time to pack up and maybe even mail back some of our belongings. So if there is something you would like Todd to receive, I would mail it by Tuesday at the latest…… but soon we will be home and you can give him whatever you like! Everything would need to arrive here by Christmas if it is to get to us…… and really I would just be turning around and bringing it home……yup coming home. The date is still in the works but it is not long now. We look forward to seeing your faces……and eating fish tacos.