Wow the month is nearly half way over, can’t seem to keep up with time the least bit! While Annie’s visit is coming to a close, Todd gets steadily stronger. I can’t help but think of all the times my mother comforted me while I was sick or even in the hospital, you can not replace a mother’s love, it has a strength all its own. I am most confident that with his mother by his side Todd has felt a new level of comfort and peace. He returned to the chair today………and with the chair we ventured into the hallways for the very first time. He struggles to speak and it is just that time where you are anxious to return each day, to see what new changes have evolved however small. While our departure is still weeks away, every one is starting to get sentimental. One of his doctors let us know that he will be around for a good five years and looks forward to seeing and hearing from us as the recovery progresses. Despite all the struggles and difficulties, the doctors and nurses, can’t help themselves but to look at us and smile. To know and watch how hard we both work and how dedicated to each other and our love we are.

Shining Strong.

p.s. He was very into the desert house in the Dwell magazine. Hmm no big surprise there. Dreamer.

Update: I just looked at the photos posted from the Interface Show. Wow what a treat to see all the faces of those that showed up, some I didn’t even know where in town. On behalf of Todd I want to take a moment to formally recognize John Rogers, Julie, North, and Barney (I hope I didn’t miss anyone, please correct any omission) for maintaining Todd’s commitments…..keeping it all going. Those who know and love Todd, know that teaching at CCA is one of his truly greatest pleasures and that he dedicates a big piece of himself to his students and team. Todd and Barney have been working together for years to get this program to the place that it is now. This show is where the creative teaching team (army?) and his students get to shine or at least flicker. The day, or should a say week, of the interface show is a big one in our lives at home in San Francisco. Todd and all those involved slowly start coming home later and later as they dedicate more and more time to the students and the upcoming show….. which is the culmination of the entire semester’s hard work. Leading up to this night is a manic week to say the very least. If he had seen how many people showed up he would have talked about it for a week. At the end of this night we all sit around and have a beer down at the Irish Bar on College, students teachers and friends. I can think back to the many nights each spaced about six months apart…….. You guys all rock. Thanks for keeping the dreams alive and giving Todd so many things to fight for and return to. (The question is how many people did it take, to take the place of one lovely and brilliant man?) That answer makes me smile!