Ahhh it is indeed cold outside. While there is no snow the chill was down to the bones…burrrr. The progress here is slllloooowww and steady. The old Todd is showing his strength and power. I got my first hand squeeze today (while I was telling him how much I love and adore him) and the kisses are gaining in strength. Still soft and gentle but with much more determination and eye smiles behind them. We spent much of the afternoon listening to a CD of Amy Winehouse (I had never heard her before I got to Amsterdam) that was made for us and followed that up with some intent reading and studying of the cards that have flowed in along with the sweet packages, or in them as the case may be. One card in particular arrived on its own, in a black envelope and without a proper return address, very suspicious indeed. I opened it and along with a letter were two most lovely prints, the one of the drill press Todd stared at for quite a long time with a great deal of intent and pleasure. So now Todd has tools around him, as was intended! I think Todd’s first word eked out of his mouth today… water. So we sat up and worked on the swallowing and he had his first taste of water in quite some time! Davey read to him the paper and it was wonderful to see Todd’s thirst for knowledge showing its beautiful head. He is also starting to answer questions with the blink of his eyes…… that is if he not to tired.

peace and love.
T+A, and annie & davey

p.s. the cookies that arrived have a big fan base here in Amsterdam. Umm especially love the ginger bits as did Annie and Davey. Todd is not quite there yet, so I ate his for him or did Annie….. well one of us did. Thank you. And thank you all for your thoughtful things that arrive and arrive and arrive. It is quite fun for us here. Todd has a lot of reading to catch up with.