Now if you or even I thought I/we would miss even a bit of Christmas drama we were quite mistaken! The hospital ground floor with its two courtyards is Christmas on steroids! I kid you not, I must have walked by 12-20 Christmas trees lining the entry hall alone ( I couldn’t help but be amused). Each courtyard has a giant 3-4 story Christmas tree being erected in its center, the Christmas rigging elves working all day and long after I left. Sure, I won’t be doing my dorky stockings this year, or torturing Todd with Christmas music (well actually haven’t ruled that one out yet), the decorating of the house….. but damn are we lucky and I have the best, most priceless present imaginable – Todd. (We all do.) Maybe on Christmas day I will put a bow on him and close the curtains to unwrap my present, wink….

We are indeed in Medium care now with Todd slowly coming around. It takes a good long week for the drugs to leave his system, for they are stored in the fat tissue. We will always and continually be reminded that this takes time, but the doctors and nurses are happy to see a Todd with clear eyes whose body is now behaving the way it should. I will let you know when he starts doing all the good and important things those docs need to see, maybe this weekend…… hard to say. He had another EEG and all is right and the epileptic activity remains at bay.

With Todd I do not emphasize that the holiday is upon us but that won’t be lasting. There is a damn tree large and small in every room of the hospital. I hear the fireworks at New Years are quite something else. Todd does not yet grasp how long he has been here, and I understand this is a potential source of frustration when he does realize how long we have been here. I do hope and trust that as this information unfolds to him he will have the necessary words (or tools) to help express and communicate. This, as with some many things, is out of our hands….

And then there is Truda, she is the most wonderful thing a girl could ask for. You know that person that you didn’t even know you needed. Well that is her. Annie finds great comfort in her company as do I. She has a wonderful way of cutting to the chase, and making things simple. Thank you. Davey is keeping very busy, and he is also making new music for Todd. Every person has a different gift for Todd and it is wonderful to watch it at work, and even from the place he is now….. there is so much that we get from Todd as well.

And so the gifts continue. I am certain that by Wednesday our packages will find us.

T+A, Annie, and Davey