Today when I walked in to visit with Todd he was without the breathing tube! Things are progressing forward and with any luck we will be moving back to the H building and our window seat and our nurses who miss us. Today is the first time, in quite a while, I have seen Todd and his body without labor….he has had to go through so much over the last few weeks. Despite it all he continues to fight and come out on the other side, his tenacity is amazing and so required for this journey. Realistically, one cannot mention Todd’s progress and turn of events without acknowledging the wonderful focus of his dedicated and methodical team of docs.

I believe I saw smile lurking there in those eyes just waiting to come out, words at the tip of his tongue…..and a kiss not far behind. I was so delighted with the guy I encountered today………I forgot all about being sick and couldn’t wipe the silly grin off my face. It was the kind of smile that made every nurse smile and say hello as they walked by us. The work is resuming we are back to the physical therapy and we have an appointment tomorrow with our therapist. (She is training me too, and giving me exercises to do throughout the day!)…. And we had a visit from his nurse Walter from our first ICU stay. We now even have the staff following our progress we will almost need a going away party.

Davey is arriving tomorrow and Annie is picking him up at the train station and bringing him on home. The basic orientation package we offer here in Amsterdam for our lovely support team. I will already be at the hospital in meetings…… I have a feeling this will be a busy week for us. His therapists will start popping up again reading with spoons, chairs………making sure we don’t lose too much ground. We are without a doubt well cared for on so many levels.

There were two separate dreams of Todd last night that were shared with me, and both people said he was slowed down a bit but he was there. The whole sweet lovely Todd with all his quirks, hugs, kisses……………that I am holding on to. I see it too…..and it is not just a dream.

This has been some of the most difficult weeks of Todd’s recovery, so thank you all near and far for you support you have given us. We miss you so.