Greetings to you all, it has been a demanding week but I am making my return and so is Todd. He is slowly waking and rejoining us though, he will need a bit more time for the drugs to leave his system completely.

Today we had a meeting with the docs, Annie and I, and for the first time in weeks we all left the room a little lighter. According to the docs all signs are showing Todd as stable and progressing to the place we have been aiming for!! The EEG from yesterday shows no signs of epileptic activity. This is the first meeting in weeks, where I have not had to hold back tears!

Tomorrow Sat, Todd heads in for the VP Shunt they have been waiting to perform. This is a good thing because it will eliminate the need for the lumbar punctures that sweet Todd has had to endure daily. …… this is the surgery that didn’t happen last week due to the rise of infection. They do not intend to remove the existing shunt, feeling strongly that this is not the cause of the setback we have been suffering.

I have been fighting a cold, so now I will say goodnight. I only missed one day at the hospital (he had a good day with his mother Annie there by his side, and a lovely visit from Toetsie) and the docs gave me the ok today for returning. Annie is settling in and has mastered the to and fro of the transportation system, she is very very pleased to see her sonny. She met some of the nurses that came down from our usual space to see Todd (Kati and Mirjam) they are all waiting for him to return. Eric also met them as well as the Suriname family neighbors in our room, that await our return….. and guard Todd’s window until his return.

The moving was quite a sight, Eric and I had the cab driver back and forth from one end of the canals to the other…. To say it was a marathon day would not be an understatement! As Eric mention you try to cram things in around the time you would want to be with Todd, so it can be broken up into days. Just last night I finally dropped off the keys to the studio and closed that door for the last time! We crammed a lot of love into that little room. I now have such great peace here at our new temporary home, and a home it is…….. Just the kind of place that warms your soul. I watched the trees last night from the bed as the wind and rain danced together through the sky in a crazed intensity…….but then lessening when the day breaks, conveniently!

While there are battles ahead, today was a good, and the outlook for the weeks ahead is much much brighter. So keep up those prayers!

So with that a bid you all good night.
Love to you.
Alex + Todd