It’s late here now as I write this….nearly 4am in Amsterdam…as I sit in Alex’s wonderful warm new home (Thank you Jane and Louis!).

First, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for all of the absolutely amazing effort that went into what sounds to have surely been the biggest bash event ever last Saturday for Todd. While the blog has been silent for a few days it is not for lack of buzz from the event. Alex and I (now with Todd’s mom as well) have been moving around over the past few days shuffling houses, moving people and things, at a frenetic pace. At the hospital I proudly tell each of Todd’s nurses as they change shifts about the event in detail — about how many people came and about the energy, art, performance, and love that all of his friends back in San Francisco are sending to him constantly. I warn them that it’s some seriously powerful healing love being directed right into this very room and they may want to watch out as it flys into Todd with what, no doubt, is a ferocious energy. Alex and I talk about the event you all had for Todd each night as we take the train from the hospital and we find it hard to believe how many sacrifices each of you have made and how much energy and effort came together to create such a “perfectly Todd event” (in Alex’s words). We, and Alex especially, are so deeply touched by each of you. I have seen her glow as we talk about it and I know she will share more of her thoughts as time permits over the coming days. We have immensity enjoyed the photos and cannot wait to hear more (thank you for your blog comments on the event they provide much energy to Alex…I assure you!)

It has been a busy time here. As Alex wrote, we have been juggling a range of logistical issues in finding a new home for Alex, welcoming Todd’s dear mother here to Amsterdam, and moving Alex as well as Todd’s mother into new digs. Obviously, our main focus has alwasy been on Todd and we have continued to be with him every single day. My time with Todd is by far the highlight of my week long visit here!

I can see that much of his forward progress here is due not only to the excellent medical care provided by the AMC’s truly first rate medical staff but also by our dear Alex who cares for him during each and every step in his recovery. I have no doubt her love for Todd and her constant presence with him have contributed significantly toward his recovery! We all love you Alex!

As you know from reading the blog, Todd has been has been facing a bout of seizures that have been troubling to the medical staff here. While Todd has been making a tremendous recovery since the accident, this latest challenge with seizures is indeed very serious. To be blunt we need to address Todd’s seizures.

(pause to send your most powerful anti-seizure prayers to Todd)

Last Friday, soon after my arrival and visit with Todd, the neurologists together decided to place him into a medically induced coma again to gain control of the seizures. Again, as Alex has alluded, you can think of this much as a reset for Todd — a way for him to heal and come out of the coma and re-enter his recovery path that has proved so successful for Todd in the past. As is typical practice this coma is medically induced for around 4-5 days. During that time Todd has been doing very well as he rests. This morning as expected, they removed that medication which initiated the re-awakening of Todd. This will take place over the next 24-72 hours. I saw Todd tonight and his brain activity was slowly and steadily returning to normal as the medication that had induced the coma began to subside. I leaned over to him and again told him, “Hi Todd, it’s Eric. I love you!” He immediatly shuffled his legs and opened his mouth, raising his head slightly in response. I told him he was in good hands, that he was coming out of a sleep and likely confused. “I’m right here Todd. The people that love you are keeping you safe. No need to worry, just relax and be calm”, I say to him as he rested back down.

These are all great signs as Todd re-awakens. But I want to be clear. We are at a VERY critical time for Todd. His seizures are very dangerous and as of last week, unable to be adequately controlled to place him back on his previous recovery path. We need to overcome this latest challenge and return Todd to the recovery process he was at several weeks ago. The doctors have stressed the seriousness of the degree and frequency of his seizures to us. But they have also been clear that there are medications and a variety of techniques as well as outside experts they are consulting with that they hope will remedy the situation. This latest effort of placing Todd in a medically induced coma is but one of several techniques the docotrs are hopeful will stop (or greatly diminish) Todd’s seizures. Todd really needs your healing thoughts and prayers over the next few days as he awakens from his coma. We need to gain a handle on his seizures!

As I left the AMC tonight, I leaned over and told Todd I would be waiting for him back in San Francisco as I rubbed his chest and planted a big fat kiss on his cheek. I’m sad to leave now but I know he is with two of his most loved family — Alex and his mother. Please think of them as well as they will need extra energy and strength over coming days as Todd awakes over the next 24-72 hours.

I Love you Todd!
… seizures be gone!!!!

Eric Paulos