I woke up this morning with a vibration on or about my bed, it was about 11ish on your end. I thought the phone was ringing and yet there were no calls. The rain is pouring, the room is filled with the sound as it bounces off the building. I watch as it beads up on my windows and washes the dog poop off the cobblestone streets below. December sneaks in and November disappears behind so quietly, I didn’t even notice December arrive!

As I sip on my coffee I try to imagine the room full of people in blue and green, what the sounds are like, and who might be taking the stage. I look forward to the entertainment as the stories of the evening pour in to my mail box (mizalex@yahoo.com) or the blog. I have received my first one already.

Todd was at peace yesterday, I read to him from a book of short stories that came with Eric. I think it is sweet and constant comfort that allows him to be close but without too much focus, my arm presses up against his so he feels me constant, and I hold his hand. He will remain asleep today as well. This late afternoon we will be joined again by Eric, who will at that point be freed from his other commitments.

Monday Annie, his mum, arrives very first thing in the morning. Monday the doctors make their next move……….and I suspect this week will include a surgery.

This is another big week, and we feel all your support. I have renewed strength and peace now that the home is resolved….it has brought me strength, inspiration, and security (at a time when it was our greatest need).

There will be a day when this is all behind us.

Peace and Love.