What a joyous sight to see Todd!  I arrived to see Todd without his fashionable head bandages I remember from back in September and now sprouting a thick head of hair!  His eyes were closed and I said, “Hi Todd, it’s Eric..I’m back.”  To my amazement he opened his eyes and took a long look directly at me! His eyes widened and had he not been encumbered by a breathing tube at the time I felt he would have responded. I truly sensed that he recognized me and our mutual excitement in seeing each other brought me to tears.  He struggled to lift his head and open his mouth as his tongue fought with the breating tube in his mouth.  I told him how happy I was to see him and about all of you and the big event today (which I told him was a warm up party for his actual homecoming party).  Alas, I told him there would be time for us to chat later.  Now is a time for Todd to rest.

As we have known all along, Todd’s recovery from such traumatic injuries is not expected to be rapid and some recent setbacks you are aware of from Alex mean Todd needs to move slowly through each stage of his healing.  Tonight’s event is most certaily a time to celebrate his progress so far, but also a time to remember the very serious nature of his injuries and keep him in your prayers as he progesses through his current crisis with a focus on his return home and his contined healing. We love you Todd!