I am running late today and have run out of time, and so I must be brief. When I arrived to see Todd he was in his room. As it turns out the surgery was not scheduled due to a positive result for an infection (2 actually)… one of which is in his lungs. I was standing by Todd’s beside with my morning greetings and thoughts that come with me from the morning and evening… and he opened his eyes! Turns out the docs are experimenting with bring him out so they can test the current reaction of the brain and its activities.

He has seen me, heard my words of love and encouragement, and last and so not least Todd saw Eric……….and then he is back to sleep for the next 24 hours.

This is a critical time for Todd, he must move through these seizures. The doctors are completely baffled and move systematically in their attempts to resolve this issue. Everyday things change so I will pray that today the change is the lessening and eventual elimination of the epilepsy.

We are with you this evening and soon we will be home.

What did I tell him when he opened his eyes?
“we are going to show the world that love can conquer all”

UPDATE: I just got off the most amazing phone call. The housing situation has been most wonderfully resolved…
and I get to take a bath! Thank you thank you thank you to all the special people who helped make this happen. Wow. So guys there is no need to worry about me I have been taken care of! What a feeling.