Todd is now in the far reaches of the ICU ward, for a second I couldn’t remember what floor it was on. Then of course I just stopped off at the right floor….. and entered the ward that we had spent so much time in. The EEG was to be taken after I left, so I have no idea how long Todd will remain in this induced sleep, or how successful it is at this time. He looked calm. So I wait. ….in a new part of the ward without all our foxy and darling nurses that I thought we might be reunited with.

I am reminded that I have some very good reliable resources that share with me his amazing potential for recovery. (These are medical professionals) This is what I will hold on to and remind him everyday…… because I am sure that by now he is getting a bit worn from this constant cycle of demands on his sweet body….. so we both need a reminder! We are getting tired

Toetsie is correct the packages should always go to the same ward, if we are not there those nurses will know where we are. We will soon return to our window and Suriname family across the way, with all their sweet smiles and concern. It will always find us there, because for now there is where we are….. or hope to be.