Well, the doctors move forward and the current status of Todd’s condition remains the same. We are still in medium care his consciousness minimal at best. There are a couple of medications that have a known side effect of seizures in a small number of patients, so they are currently weaning Todd off these drugs. They systematically work through his condition, much like Todd solves a computer problem. They never waiver or give up, the move from the relatively simple to the increasingly complex….. and we do the same.

I received lovely news today! Eric Paulos is coming around the end of this week. I thought Todd and I would be alone for a couple of weeks, but looks like those couple of weeks have filled up now. Eric, Selby, and Zander will all be here by Todd’s side at different times. Each of one these fine folks have seen Todd at an entirely different period in his recovery, a very good perspective so very different then mine, for it includes a space of time. For those of you who don’t know, Eric was with Todd in the ambulance and at his side during those first few very critical days….. ( one should mention, there were others VERY present as well, Todd was never and has never been alone). Friends and family together are what sustain us here, while we wait to return to our home. Do not underestimate your power.

I can’t believe this month is coming to a close. We will hopefully finalize an apartment by the end of this week! The holidays are upon us and I without a doubt would like to avoid a whole new neighborhood. Yikes. It is difficult to plan for such an uncertain future….. for we have no idea really how long we are to remain here in Amsterdam. What we do know is things take time………. a lot of time and patience.

We love you.
Alex + Todd

p.s. I was telling Julie that as connected as Todd and I are at the moment and always have been we are in two very very opposite positions. Todd can’t wait to get up, while I on the other hand can’t wait to lay down.