Today Todd is improving….. still no words but he is no longer in the same painful struggle that we have been witness to over the last couple of days. With the increase in his pain medication, along with other measures taken by the docs, Todd’s body has found some peace. Today had no spike of fever or sweats, and the contractions in his arms have seemingly subsided. It looks like he will continue to have daily lumbar punctures (spinal tap) for an unspecific amount of time, poor dear. That has to suck in a big way…. But it is clearly working and each time the pressure is dropping so they could probably tapering down who knows. We spent the whole last portion of our evening (hours) with a full body rub from neck down focusing on the spots that needed extra, he was so content and full of love. It was a perfect moment for us with Bebel Gilberto in the background playing our song. The nurses were smiling to see the love in his eyes. He had smiley eyes and raised his hand to touch me before I left….. what a guy!

He had a couple of visitors in the early afternoon, so know we are far from alone. We have visitors through the weekend, including one lovely surprise Sat afternoon. A lovely friend of ours from San Francisco is working nearby and she will be able to come into Amsterdam for a bit. She and Todd can talk for hours when we are all together, so let’s see what he has to say when she is here! I may have to space out Saturday I think he has three people stopping in that day and none on the other days until Yuksel arrives on Tuesday night, well in any event it will all work out the way it is meant to. I think sometimes Todd enjoys a room full of people it makes him feel loved and content, especially when it is laughter that is surrounding him. So he will love it I am sure.