Today Todd was moved back to Medium care. His awareness is a bit higher but not anywhere near what you could call his current norm. The doctors are concerned and baffled. The CAT scans do not point to any of the complications Todd has struggled with in the past or that which they might expect to see. His can’t scans have no alarming signs. He endured another lumbar puncture and drainage, and it seems like this is how they will continue to keep him stabilized until they can trace the source of this developed “setback”. It seems the air in his brain is an issue at the moment, and as we understand it the CSF fluid could be or is doing ok. The other positive side to this difficult time is the complications are the trigger of Todd’s contractions in his arms, so the doctors are also more hopeful on that front as well. While we all are distressed and confused the doctors work hard as a team to help Todd move forward……. And we will get there. Our favorite sentence in the meeting with the ward doctor of medium care is Todd’s ability “to make a full recovery”. While that was not said by his surgeons, who are much more guarded, it is nice to see that evolution of thinking from his medical team…….. and a good thing for Julie and Jaime to hang on to as they return home. Let’s see what they have figured out tomorrow, with each day there is some sort of change. This is the third day straight of Todd’s silence, no words, not one.


P.S. In terms of phone communications please call me at my local phone. I will repost it in my next blog. The AT&T phone is proving to be cost prohibitive, OUCH! Otherwise email me and I will call you……. I will no longer be making any phone calls from our stateside phones, but you are welcome to maintain communication by text message. I have both Todd’s phone and my phone now in strong receiving mode. Mine just stopped working but now it is back!? Go figure.

p.s.s. i am halfway up with skype and I got a usb headset. so that will work soon as well.