It is very hard work to be Todd at the moment. I am so proud of him and marvel at his tenacity. We have some major struggles right in front of us. He is on the brink of some major issues with his arms and his doc here is very very concerned. So we rub and work those arms hard, and pray the botox kicks in. We are not getting the results we need at the moment, both arms are seizing up. It is difficult for him and very difficult for us as well. We wait and hope his CSF fluid will be naturally absorbed and regulated, his cat scans create no alarms but no major improvements YET. The repeated setbacks and surgeries are playing a major role in his body not having the opportunity to heal and move on. If he needs an additional surgery it will just be one more hurdle that he must overcome. He spoke NO words for the first day in a very long time, he lay there quite still really. It is hard to say if this is sign of a complication or whether the chair and shower, he had today, were ever so stimulating. He did eat two sandwiches at breakfast, but by the time we saw him and the speech pathologist saw him there was nothing left not even a smile. It is a very good to have Jaime and Julie here for support during this time. Their days now are measured…….. it will be hard to see them go. I have gone through this one a coupla times now though. This will only change with being home.

So please all of you bring your energy, and prayers together and focus them now on our Todd’s immediate needs.

I invite you to Give a warm, long and comforting (and long distance) embrace to Todd’s body. Within that comforting warmth bring relaxation, stabilize his fluids, and loosen the muscles in his arms. Stretch his body gently as in a big reach for the sun (which we never see by the way). Take you rays of love and hope and run through the veins with the ultimate in sustenance. Lift the fog that surrounds him and take it far far away. Please give Todd the strength and power he needs to heal throughout.

From Jaime & Julie:
We can only add an AMEN.

All our love.
Todd + Alex, Jaime and Julie