Tired sleepy…that’s us. Todd sits in a chair! He also shares a special moment with Jaime – running his right hand along her cheek, sweet, sweet. Then he got really really tired and sleepy. I ran out of time to write a blog because we have an important meeting with the revitalization doctor. While one doctor extends our time here, another is preparing us to leave. So as with every day on this crazy road we are traveling…..we will wait and see. We prepare for each direction, which I gotta tell you is not the easiest thing. We will write to you again soon, Julie and Jaime are working hard to make sure all our ducks are in a row. I am reminded time and time again, what it takes to make this all work….. It is much much more than lil’ ole me.

Thank you to you all, thank you to Todd’s wonderful sisters for your strength power and perspective….. and to all those who have come before them.

P.s. a special heartfelt thank you today to my cousin Michelle for being there and talking me down from the emotional roller coaster I was jumping on. I am off now and at peace…..thanks to you. Kiss your boys and little girl.

and to Penny and Jen for their little reminders as well.

and Braam and Michele for the wonderful company and fondue dinner last evening