Today was a very busy day for Todd. We had our first meeting with the head of the rehabilitation team, an excellent physician. They call it revitalization here. The doctor strongly recommends we do this at home. They believe that Todd’s own environment will play a major role in his development and healing. This is the first bit of news that revisits our return to the states. He is still not medically stable to make the flight, but everyday brings new answers. Todd was sluggish in the early afternoon, this and other signs were what lead to the procedure to reduce the pressure of fluid on his brain. The afternoon brought the small surgery, which we had been expecting for a few days. Let’s hope this draining is the last major procedure that Todd must endure and the we can begin to focus on the next forward steps of healing. His sisters made him laugh (subjective description of course he is quiet and you can’t hear a thing but if you watch his face you know) while telling him their family stories. Soon you will hear from them yourselves….at the moment we are all running around trying to get many bits and pieces in a row so we may leave, while also addressing simple needs of the moments in front of us. I tell you, and I include you all in this, I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine handling this without our family!

So if the surgery produces the desired result we will see a heightened alertness in Todd, along with an increase in his words and potentially changes in his physical capabilities ad well. Our additional focus at the moment is his body, which is showing the impact of being in the bed for so long. It is equally high on the doctors’ agenda and we are moving forward to assure that Todd does not sustain any long-term damage for his extended bed stay. He is most certainly being addressed as a whole! Here’s to hopin’ just around the corner are a string of good days for our dear Todd. To watch him suffer is heartbreaking for us here. That said, I will share with you all, as I watch all the various patients that surround us Todd has without a doubt approached this with the utmost grace and patience. He is polite when he can be, and hasn’t flipped anyone off even though he could if he wanted to. My sense is we will be home by the end of the month, let’s see how it all actually plays out. Friday is a day that I can’t wait to watch unfold.

Love to you all.
Todd + Alex

P.s. I promise you will hear from the sisters some time soon. It’s a little different when you aren’t all stayin in the same place!
P.s.s. I see the Ween is playing at the Warfield on Saturday. While the Warfield is far from my favorite venue, I think Ween is cool. Are any of you goin? I have never seen them.