The sisters have definitely changed things around here….. and it is quiet with Jen gone. She definitely fed Todd and I some great soul food, and I am not just talking about the chocolate! Todd is working away and tomorrow (Thursday) brings some big meetings and an additional small surgical procedure. Todd had a very special visitor today, the captain, Albertjan. He saw that Todd wanted to communicate with whoever walked through the door…… Todd was a bit quiet. He (Albertjan) will give him another opportunity soon. This is one individual, of the many, who as I understand it we owe a great deal of thanks to. Without him, those also by Todd’s side like Eric & Dan (and more) at the time of the accident, and the surgeons and nurses…………….we wouldn’t be sharing these daily ups and downs. We are so lucky! Thank you all for everything you did and have done, to ensure Todd’s survival.

P.S. Jen….our extra special love project is moving forward swimmingly. Thank you for your guidance and all your care and enthusiasm. You are missed.