Today I am writing from the AMC, lugged my laptop, only to have Todd completely asleep today. It is always a reminder or a HUGE reality check after a good day, you walk in with the highest of expectations….. and receive less than the day before or so it seems. It can really flatten out your spirits. Rationally you understand this is part of the path of healing …. rest and sleep. Yet everyday we hope to have turned a corner where you needn’t look back. Recovering from such an extensive brain injury is no small feat, but Todd and I may have to take turns pushing each other.

So another day, when Todd is stronger, I will again lug my damn computer around, but since it is here I can write from his bedside in the moment. His speech pathologist did arrive while he was quite sleepy but did manage a few spoonfuls of yogurt.

So then….. when I was outside the nurse put on Todd’s glasses and with that came more words! (Just when I turned my back) So after all that, we still got some really nice moments. The nurse and I are hatching a plan for the weekend as well, there is always something new up my sleeve. We are anticipating the arrival of Todd’s lovely sisters, but with that comes the end of Jen’s stay. We got sweet words, he showed concern for us both and the loss of dear Joe, wanted water, and best of all more delicious bits of romance with his response being “Amazing” – his words not mine. We wrapped up the evening with a lovely rub down from shoulders to toe.

and I give you Jen…
Well, like Alex said, Todd was still pretty mellow when I first arrived at the hospital. We just hung out and chatted and made the best of it. BUT … while Alex was outside a strange thing happened … Todd’s nurse came in to feed him (through the nose tube). I mentioned to her that we weren’t sure how far Todd could see since he wasn’t wearing his glasses. She asked, “Well where are his glasses?” then whipped them out of the drawer, wiped them off, and shoved them onto his swollen head. In her loud, commanding voice, she asked, “Todd, do you like that?” Then, after not saying a word all day, Todd says “Push them more on the other side.” Well, I almost fainted.

With his tuned-up vision, the words kept coming. They’re whispers and hard to get sometimes, but they’re sweet. He even wanted to know how I was holding up with everything that’s going on. How Todd is THAT? Like he doesn’t have enough to think about right now.

Anyway, a long story about a brief pleasure. Every day a little more of Todd surfaces. It’s like peeling away layers of haze trying to get to the treat in the middle … slow, frustrating, and very gratifying when you get what you want …

Todd + Alex, and Jen