Well it is evening here in Amsterdam and our day had come to a conclusion. Today my heart swelled up with joy physically and otherwise. Totally wonderful day here!!!! Today has been an amazingly positive day, must repeat that and let me tell you why. Today we had sentences, honest to god, understandable threads of communication. I can’t even tell you all what an amazing moment it was, but actually I can…….

Bits of communication through the early part of the day (there is more but here are the biggies):
Todd: I haven’t eaten in days, I really need to eat.
Alex: What would you like applesauce, yogurt, or custard?
Todd: applesauce.
(gave him the call button to call the nurse himself. He did. The nurse explained that he can only be fed by the speech pathologist. She will come tomorrow…..and in response to the nurse.)
Todd: Got some catching up to do!

I was telling him about his sisters arriving tomorrow.
Todd: I am confused.
I thought he had confusion about his sisters in general, then I spoke with Julie later. Turns out I was off a day! Told Todd it was actually Tuesday they would arrive.
Todd: That is what I thought! (Mind blowing….. and of course I do not have the best grasp of time at the moment.)

Todd: Communication is important….. (and more but I couldn’t understand)
Alex: Who do you want to talk to? We can call or write anyone.
Todd: Anybody who walks through that door.

His fever is still up, he was sweating buckets this afternoon, but it improved as the day wore on. The swelling of Todd’s head and such has diminished considerably, a very very good sign for our future! (He no longer looks like Jaba.) Also his left arm is still stiff, I am working it, but the physical therapist returns tomorrow morning. So while there is much work ahead, I massage him daily……and anything else I can dream up to improve his each and every moment. He was too sleepy to enjoy the slide show Jen and I had for him but we will try earlier in the day tomorrow. We (Jen and I) have a wonderful romantic scheme….that Monday we put into effect. I told Todd about it and he thought I was a wonderful idea.

and I give you Jen…

Today truly did bring much-needed joy for both Alex and me. We didn’t expect Todd’s sentences so soon, much less for him to be more on top of scheduling than we are! Alex called me as soon as she got to the hospital — laughing — to let me know. Laughter is good! Todd is coming back to us a little bit every day. I’m stunned at the things he remembers (short- and long-term) and the things he says. Clearly, he’s in there. His healing body is just starting to let him back out.

He is really working!
Alex + Todd, and Jen