Good morning folks.

The last two days have been simple and with little bits of accomplishments. Todd has a low-grade fever but as the day progressed the major sweats seemed to taper off. His swelling continues with his left eye the least affected. We looked at cards and some photos that were sent to us. The photos he focuses on with great concentration as with the cards. There was one letter sent to us that we read for a long time and it choked me up….he really enjoyed the kid art that also came with the letter. The letter was simple really a few stories of memories, but we both REALLY got a lot out of it. He is speaking a few words a day, with the swelling he looks a little like JABA the hut….. let’s just say he has a massive third chin.

The doctor did stop by and said the surgery went well, and he expects Todd’s body to absorb the CSF fluid naturally (his third chin). Already his cat scans have improved since before the surgery. He is stiffening a bit, but these are things that we are working on. As the doctor left he wished us a good weekend…. Todd replied “You Too.” Very cool moment to see that guy in all his sweetness shining through!

Jen here…
Alex and I have been enjoying a lazy morning at the apartment before heading to the hospital. We just finished making an amazing slide show of Todd, Alex, and friends doing fun things in nice places. Todd seems to enjoy pictures and stories from times before the accident. Hopefully, the images will cheer him and help him keep pushing toward recovery. Todd’s sisters arrive tomorrow …

Todd + Alex and Jen

p.s. Jen has mentioned that some of you would like to communicate but not necessarily through the blog forum. You are most welcomed to email me directly, I love any and all letters. I will read each one, but not always have an opportunity to reply.