Todd is very very sleepy, which is quite natural really, considering he just had major surgery. The swelling is up, he looks a bit like the guy I saw when I first arrived to Amsterdam. This time it is not shocking, I know the swelling will begin to go down….. you can watch it change over hours sometimes. Due to the swelling, he has difficulties opening his eyes, but I expect the next time I see him this will already have improved. We hung out all day, just the two of us, it was quiet and comfortable. I spoke rarely, but my touch was constant. When the nurse asked he gave her a thumbs up, then the guy was snoring two seconds later. The weekend will be when the momentum picks up again, I would think.

A couple of his roommates were gone, opening up the choice window side bed slot, across the way from him. I asked the nurse if he would ever be moved to the window during his stay……….her reply ” You want to move him by the window, then we shall do it now!” She left and changed his location on the computer, while I relocated his card collection. Together we pushed his bed across the room, while he slept. She was very impressed with my bed moving skills! Apparently, I am a natural. It is all that practice with the rolling carts and the freight elevator back at Adeline Street. You never know what simple skills you pick up along the way that will come in handy. Todd now has the loveliest view of the fall trees into the horizon, birds flying outside the window, some billowing smoke stack, and a bit of parking lot. We were confident that Todd would really enjoy this new change, a move away from staring at a white wall (cream really). I have to admit though I am a little unclear as to what he can see without his glasses, especially since with them had been a bit of a challenge. We were just shopping for a lovely new pair of bi-focals; he had decided to put it off until his return from Amsterdam. Little did he know how long that would be!