This morning I was granted early visitation rights to be with Todd prior to surgery. He was quiet, napping mostly, while he received a lovely manicure complete with Burt’s Bees delights. As the nurse prepared to move the bed he and I held hands tightly, while I assured him that he was in good hands with the surgeons. These were the very doctors that had saved his life!

(During the surgery) Jen and I walked the streets of Amsterdam far and wide, keeping all potential anxiety at bay until we were able to return to the AMC. It was amazing to walk in the room and find Todd’s eyes wide open. During the brief visit Todd did answer the doctor when asked how he was. His response “fine”! So he is awake and we had a word, excellent for such a moment.

Jen here:
I arrived yesterday pretty much a zombie. Alex got me fed (of course), settled, and somewhat oriented, then zoomed me off to AMC, where I promptly fell asleep in a chair. After coming to, it was SO wonderful to watch Todd and Alex together. Even under these circumstances, some things haven’t changed. They’re the ultimate couple, and I can feel and see Todd sucking up the comfort of her presence, her words, her touch, and her smile.

Since Todd was in surgery most of the day, Alex and I ate our way across Amsterdam (which involves a lot of walking and a lot of eating) for the afternoon. Completely satiated and groggy, we hopped a train, took a deep breath, and strolled in to see Todd. He looked AWESOME! He was awake, alert, and looking pretty darn-close to the Todd that we all know and love. We chatted and told stories of things we’ve done together that Todd enjoys (like camping and kayaking). At some point in the middle of the chatter, Todd said either “more” or “bored,” I couldn’t tell which. So, I’m either entertaining him or driving him nuts. Just wait ’til he can kick back, eh? For tonight, no kicking, but I got to watch him return Alex’s kiss and our wave goodbye.

I’m so happy to be here with these two and witness Todd’s recovery first-hand. They’re both amazing people, and together they’re unstoppable…