Today we finally got our hands on sister Jaime’s package and what a treat it was! Todd held on to the card and pics for a good hour and was particulary found of the one of himself flying through the air on a line! Daredevil Todd. I took the card out of his hand when he fell asleep! Our social worker came by herself three times until we opened it, she herself was feeling the “Christmas Spirit”, we joked. Jen arrived, and is now sleeping soundly to my right……. in her own bed. You will hear from her soon, I am sure.

Today I went to the stationary store and purchased a dry erase board, I waited until after his nap to present the gift. He was ever so concentrated as he took his right hand (he is left handed) and the pen. He erased stuff immediately…. that cracked me up. This was clearly a moment of brilliance, everyday I will photograph what we produce, it will be an interesting process to document! In general, today he was rather quiet, keeping the words mostly to himself….but the board produced an amazing reaction.

Tommorrow Halloween, is the surgery. Good night.