Todd is having a good weekend and is doing better over all. Saturday he was taken out of medium care and is now back in his old room. He has longer periods of conscious interaction, and tries to speak every now and then. He’s very coordinated with his right arm, and seems to be trying to use his left arm more.

Levon and Babalou are keeping him company while I’m home with a cold. I won’t be able to return to the hospital until I stop sneezing and coughing (according to the nurse). Levon brought some western medicine from the hospital to combat the evil cold and I’m resting, which also has its benefits. It’s a double-edged sword but I hope to return by Monday. The timing of the cold is ok since we have two people here right now on support team. Changes start tomorrow: Levon leaves Monday, and on Tuesday Babalou leaves and Jen arrives.

Todd’s surgery is now officially scheduled for Wednesday (Halloween). The procedure will replace both skull flaps and may also include some minor plastic surgery. This will be a major milestone in his recovery, and gets us closer to being ready to come home.