Well the road here in Amsterdam is not without its twists and turns. It has been a month since I arrived and a month and one day since this tragic accident. It is clear to me that our time here has been extended by weeks. It is important for Todd to be able to maintain sustained periods of consciousness in order to move forward towards rehabilitation and travel. His fever is up and down, and we have had strange moments reminiscent of weeks previous in ICU. Needless to say it brings out concern and fear at his bedside, but I am reminded that we have advanced greatly. The last few days have been foggy for Todd, let’s see how Thursday goes…. we meet with more doctors and address their current recommendations towards stabilizing and moving forward. It is possible that he may be out of the medium care by the end of the weekend, depending on what procedures happen over the next two days. I will keep you all updated. We do and will have our Todd, so I try to keep my eye on the prize……but the last few days have been difficult.

p.s. Please note my internet signal has become intermittent so do not be alarmed if the communication is spotty.