Today is slightly better, but the pressure generated by the excess spinal fluid has dulling effects on Todd’s brain. He is conscious for no more than a few minutes at a time, as opposed to the sustained periods of last week. While it is difficult not to be flattened by this turn of events, things have indeed changed. He does not answer questions as often (at the moment), but when he does you might just get words. When Babalou walked in today, he said “Hi Baba”……. granted it sounds more like a whisper at this point. So, while the complications continue we also have some very real and wonderful developments. I even got a wink and a silly grin. His lack of sustained consciousness interferes with his ability to receive any therapy; hopefully after surgery he will regain the stamina required. It is going to be a long weekend if things don’t change (we don’t expect them to) as we wait for the surgery scheduled for Tues. Once the surgery has happened his body should be able to regulate & absorb the spinal fluid naturally. It may feel like we are losing ground this week, but I am sure this has given him other opportunities to heal within. I met with the neurosurgeon today after the grand rounds and he has clarified the situation. It is important to understand and trust me this question was asked………. Todd will not sustain any long term damage from this fluid build up. Lastly his fever is down and he is off the antibiotics.