Todd remains in Medium Care today, let’s hope tomorrow (Wed) holds new developments.

In terms of cards….. if you haven’t mailed them to our house and would like to get something to us on this round, Penny has offered herself up as direct exchange source, which will in turn get to Jen (who has a lot of commitments at the moment) before she flies off on Monday.

You may arrange drop off with her, either at her workplace (SF- Exploratorium) or at her home in Oak. Please contact Penny by email if you might like to “use” her…….

quote from Miss Darling Penny who took very good care of Todd and I.
“feel free to use me for a dropping spot. either at home or at work. and anyone who specifically asks can have my phone number .love, penny”

Send cards and cheezy (not too loud) musac!

as we would say to all our littler friends.
Please & Thank you.