It is obscure to think about time at this moment. So much has passed and so little at the same time. A few weeks ago doctors were telling me that Todd would most likely not live past two days (never wake up is how they put it)….. and yet we have survived. (Didn’t believe ’em anyways!) Today has been a quiet one in Todd’s progress, with a rough attempt at feeding (we will wait for the speech pathologist on Monday for the next one)….One thing kept running through my mind today.

It is this. THANK YOU.

Simple and the most loaded THANK YOU I/we have ever said. Never in our lives have we felt so rich and so challenged! ……and while Todd is not speaking quite yet I am confident I can speak for us both. In such a critical life changing moment we are given an opportunity to see what we are all made of… IT IS GOLD.

All your gifts seen and unseen are greatly cherished and appreciated, thank you for your part in our healing and in our survival. While I wish we could thank each and every one of you by name, if I start I will certainly leave out someone special and so forgive the broad gesture. All of you have loved us, played with at least one of us, worked with us, camped with us, shared wine and meals, kayaked!, shared ideas, laughs…… and so much more. Most of you who know the one have certainly heard of the other, we are so very lucky to have eachother, and to have this crazy big family.

So thank you for anticipating our needs for the year to come…….. helping set us up in Amsterdam, helping us get home, helping us survive once we get home, feeding people in our honor (definitely representative of T&A), finding and receiving the best medical care and rehabilitation, and all that you have done.

You feed us here, and will continue to do so once we are home.
We are all in this for the long haul, and Todd is most deserving of your love.

and so today I toast to you all old friends and new.

Alexandra + J.Todd + and the Blair family (all though much thanks goes to them as well)

p.s. Tonight as I was walking out of this joint “Ain’t now mountain high enough” by the Supremes was playing… poignant. I will look up the words, though this is definitely one Todd doesn’t want to hear me sing, but I will give it a try or …… better yet download on to my cheesiest mix ever.