Good morning.

Sleepy, sleepy Todd. Levon arrived at the train station without a hitch, he and Todd had a nice visit before Levon hit the wall. I stayed until my hospital curfew, watching him sleep and then talking for a bit…. I noticed a bandage on the left side of his head. They had removed the build up of fluid and of course cultures will be done to assure there is no change in potential infection. This will take some time to heal ( the fluid build up and remaining swelling) but this is no cause for alarm. There was no oral feeding, but Todd and I will definitely be doing the applesauce today I suspect! It is the weekend here, so things will be quiet on the doctor front. Spoke with the doctors before the weekend, the biggest focus at this time is feeding & swallowing development, with speech on the horizon. Todd is barking….. as Levon says, he is not speaking yet but is still at the canine stage. Clear sign of working the vocal chords.

In answer to your questions: Todd has not been placed much higher than an angle of 30° on average, although the apple sauce incident did bring him to a near upright angle….so I will try to convince the nurses to place him there again today for a more “aware and connected” position during our visit. He cannot move himself at this stage. We are connected with a couple people who are helping us determine Todd’s needs and placement in the states and will most certainly do what is best for him…. the research is in full swing.

His physical activity was much quieter, it is hard to tell if this is sign of problems with the extended bed stay. This could quite possibly be that laying on his side affects this, as does his tired state. I will keep an eye on this and make sure he keeps moving around. We did a little game where I rubbed and named each finger, then had him move that finger by name. He did very well which was followed by the whole hand squeeze, still the right hand. He did move his left arm to get my attention, to communicate something that was bugging him. We are developing language, and I have been rather successful translating on his behalf. Each day it seems he adds a little twist….a very good sign. Levon told him what a lucky guy he is !!!! I have now been dubbed his love therapist, who works alongside the speech pathologist, the physical therapist, and the docs & nurses. The ICU doc Jesse was in again checking on his former patient, Todd, (wonderful to see that) and he caught me trying to figure out how to snuggle, which is my next goal, so I was bent over laying my head on his chest (like we would at home) and looking at him. It was not the most elegant position, but I am always exploring new and wacky ways to get close despite the fact that I cannot at this time fit next to him.

Alexandra +Todd and Levon

p.s. Jennifer H. I have quite a few New Yorkers which issue and article are you recommending, I may have it here….. let me know. Thank you Nan for the article on C.R. Johnson is was helpful and informative.