Another big big day for us hear at Amsterdam, and while they remind me about the weeks and months….. I gotta tell you some of the days are pretty huge. This no small task for Todd and he has made an amazing amount of progress in such a short time, more than outdoing any estimations by the doctors. After a really quiet weekend with lots of naps he was awake most of the day. Now communication is really developing, I am beginning to be able to translate for Todd. Every little finger twitch, eyebrow raise, squeezes, tap can now tell me something and we got far. His head hurts, his neck, and another part is bugging him too! I was able to make a few changes on his behalf and I can tell you it was wonderful. He is scared of course and a bit nervous and we talked about that. I assured him that the progress would be slow but worthwhile, and that he was safe with good nurses, and soon these days would be behind him. He is already getting antsy but we still have the left side issues, but his physical therapist is pleased with the changes from Monday to Tuesday. We were talking with one of the neurosurgeons this morning, which performed both of the initial operations….. and Todd was really front and center. The doctor was talking about how he would need to demonstrate his ability to swallow in order to remove the trach, and Todd started swallowing. (“Hey look doc I can!”) He is definitely a participant now, not a bystander (not really his specialty anyways, he is a jump into the mix kinda guy) He also had a surprise visit from the ICU doctor who had been with him, Jesse, I asked Todd if he remember him…..another good nod. Jesse himself had not received a nod yet so we were both super pleased. Jesse walked away happy he had checked on his former patient. The ICU doctors generally lose contact once the patients are moved from their ward, so it was a very cool gesture on his part and not without its rewards. The conversations for repatriation are building, big meeting tomorrow….. my estimate would be 1-3 weeks. There are a lot of cool things that could happen this week for Todd, I could tell you but then what would you have to look forward to! I have always have faith in Todd and his ability to work through this, but today I really had a sense of his cognitive abilities being intact. COMFIRMATION. Next goal…..we are looking for a smile.

Stay tuned.
Alex + Todd