Good morning all…(mine in any event)

Todd and I are adjusting to the changes of the new ward, which includes restricted visiting hours even for me. (of course I managed to talk them into allowing me in a few hours early…) New doctors, better view (though he is not wearing his glasses), 3 roommates that leave you wondering (all patients are neurological), the new nurse crew seems equally compassionate and playful but it is all new, the doctors examine him during the restricted hours so I am definitely feeling less connected to what is happening but I expect those guys to communicate with me today. Todd is resting a great deal; his arteriole line has been removed from his left arm. We have more muscle movement in his left arm and a small bit in the left leg as well, but not in the fingers, thinkin’ the absence of that big ass needle should help!? His eye contact is stronger and more lasting (he is tracking and no longer staring at the ceiling), whereas he is quieter in other gestures of the last few days. He seems to be slightly dissoriented by the changes but is adjusting. A nurse said something to me, that I didn’t necessarily want to hear but it is good to keep in mind, “With this type of injury you cannot think in days and weeks, you must think in weeks and months.” This injury will without a doubt take a very long time from which to recover………And so in the WEEKS AND MONTHS to come I will celebrate the accomplishments of each and every DAY!!!!!!!!! The brain swelling will continue to diminish over the next 3 months….or so they say. Always information varies, depending on the source.

Note to Robodock and those here who would like to visit: please contact me directly by email or local mobile to arrange, I understand you would like to visit us (during 4-7 pm). It is a good time this week and weekend. Please no more than 3 people at a time. This could change if any additional surgeries are scheduled which I don’t expect that to happen for a bit….. but Todd and the doctors are constantly moving forward. Thanks to all at Robodock for all the support we have received.

Babalou arrives from Munich in the morning, for a good dose of mothering and sweetness…. a bit of quiet has been good here. Then, Levon is leaving San Francisco on Thursday of this week arriving here on Friday (so all that is traveling with him needs to arrive at the St. Francis Fountain on 24th Street by Wed). Jen can pick up stuff from our house that shows up in the mail before she heads out on the 28th….. then Todd’s sisters plan to arrive, that said it is all up in the air because we have very little to go on as to when we are on a plane! Could be soon, could be in 3 weeks…… We will not schedule beyond his sisters’ visit for Amsterdam support because we are quite sure we will return by then.

In answer to your care package questions please send them to our house, some will make it here (via friends as couriers) and those which do not … we will be delighted to explore upon our return, as we are relocated to the Bay Area Care Facility that is best for Todd’s needs (which is still to be determined). Anything sent via post to Amsterdam may never reach us…….

We would love nothing more than to come home…..and will when the time is right.
Love Todd & Alex.

Nice to see a couple of you out there who I/we haven’t seen in ages, not much and since you have both become mothers……..k:except once when I jumped out of the car and walked with you and Ruby to the park…and also more recently another jumping outta the car. t:Introducing you to Todd downtown and you were very very pregnant ( was that the second time?). Thanks for all your love….and to so many of you all who we are acutely aware of how much time we let pass due to change and crazy schedules….. clearly, the love is still there. This time does not change.