More good news! Today Todd was moved from the ICU into the ward because he’s been breathing on his own and stable for long enough. This week could mean removing the tracheotomy tube so that he’ll be breathing the regular way- through his nose and mouth. He’s already started swallowing, which is a nice leap forward. And they’ll start removing some of the intravenous things and readying him for his return home. He got to hear his mom’s voice over the phone today and that made her happy. I think he’s off somewhere climbing rocks and trying to figure out how to make some beaten down part of Oakland all pretty, and how to help a whole pile of people figure out how they can do what they want to do. We all know he’ll never be finished doing all that stuff we just want him to do it on this plane and the sooner he’s back with us the happier we’ll all be.
This will be the last entry I help Alex make from Amsterdam. Tomorrow I go home. She’ll be alone for a day or two then reinforcements will arrive to bolster her. I’ll say this,too. Know that Alex reads the comments twice a day and your thoughts and wishes help to keep her strong. So keep it up. Peace and Love, Penny and Alex and Todd