Penny here: today was a reminder that, the healing/recovery process is just like our regular lives, we have good days and bad days and in-between days and all those other Dr.Seuss days. And now this is regular life for Alex and Todd for now and the near future and who knows how long. And ir/regular because you have no idea what the day will bring. Kisses one day, blank stares and sleep the next. Three weeks as of today. Not very long for many things. Way too long for other things. Here’s something positive: Todd is no longer in a coma. Todd is no longer in a vegetative state. Todd sometimes recognizes Alex. Todd is breathing on his own completely. No respirator at all. The noises in his room in the ICU have gone from incessant with regular beeping to just the sound of him breathing through the tracheotomy tube. The breathing machine is OFF. Todd is on his own. Well, he has us and he has you and he has a host of attractive nurses and doctors. Love Penny, and Alex and Todd.